Men’s Vintage Underwear: Thermal Long Johns

Men’s Vintage Underwear: Thermal Long Johns – 1970s and Earlier. Let’s continue blogging about mens vintage underwear. This time, let’s focus on your granddaddy’s (or daddy’s) long johns underwear from as far back as the 1920s to the mid-70s.

Which of these vintage thermal long johns would you buy and wear (or give as a gift this coming boxing day)? Which of them should be resurrected and made available? And which of these would you not touch with a ten-feet pole? Tell us in the comments.

So let’s check out these nine mens vintage thermal long johns from your daddy’s or granddaddy’s time! First in our list is Hanes long johns underwear! We’re putting it first because Hanes, unlike some of the brands below, is still very much alive.

mens vintage underwear - 1920s hanes long johns

Duofold claims that its mens long johns underwear is “no freeze, no itch, and no sweat”. Aren’t those all we look for in our thermals? When it comes to underoos, comfort is the name of the game. You’re better of with no thermals if the one you have is itchy and makes you sweat, sweat, and sweat.

mens vintage underwear - 1962 duofold thermal underwear

Sleep like a dog this winter with this long underwear by Coopers. Like Hanes above, the Coopers brand is still very alive and kicking but it now goes by a name you are very familiar with, Jockey.

mens vintage underwear - mens long johns - 1941 - Keep Fit Jockey Long Johns for Men

Follow this Kwik Sew pattern to make your own long john thermals. Kwik Sew is no longer a stand alone company as it became a part of The McCall Pattern Company in 2011.

mens vintage underwear - mens long johns - kwik sew - 1980s

Balbriggans Long Johns Thermal by the Williams Brothers. We don’t know anything about this brand at all but according to, a balbriggan is a “knit named for the town in Ireland where it was first made, balbriggan may be cotton, wool or a blend”.

mens vintage underwear - mens long johns - Williams Brothers Balbriggans Long Johns

Fruit of the Loom long johns as advertised on the pages of the Eaton catalogue. [Want more Fruit of the Loom Underwear?]

mens vintage underwear - mens long johns - eaton catalogue 1975

Cooper Underwear Long Johns. Classy awesome oil on canvas painting by JL Leyendecker advertising mens thermal underwear by Coopers.

mens vintage underwear - JL Leyendecker for Cooper Underwear Company -1915 - Oil on canvas

Munsingwear long johns. Sadly, Munsingwear is one of them brands that no longer exist.

mens vintage underwear - long johns - munsingwear

Healthknit long johns from 1947. This brand, if we are not mistaken, also went the way of the dodo.

vintage underwear for men - healthknit 1947

Lastly, we’ll leave you with this photo of four models one of whom is wearing long johns. We’ve been trying to get some information about the photo but have come empty handed so far. Maybe you can help? Like, can you ID these guys? Is this for an advert or a movie or a TV show? Who is the smoking one in briefs? Hehe.

mens vintage underwear long johns and other styles

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