Mens Treasure Trail: Celebrity Snail Trail

Mens Treasure Trail: Celebrity Edition. Fellow Famewatchers, what do you think of men’s treasure or snail trail? What do you think of them? If you’re a girl, do you like some hair on your man that suggestively winds down to his nether regions? If you’re a man, would you keep your treasure trail or would you rather shave them just so you’ll have a baby-smooth skin. Having a hairless and smooth body is apparently the rage among some celebs these days.

mens treasure trail sexy chris evans

Chris Evans. Anyhoo, check out one of our favorite Superheroes, Chris Evans, and his happy/snail trail. Earlier, we brought you a treasure trail photo of Chris Evans but that one is in black and white. Now, here are two pictures of Chris in his full-colored treasure trail glory.

celebrity treasure trail - chris evans

Hmmm, the next pic below is probably our favorite pic of Chris.

chris evans shirtless treasure trail

Jason Chambers. Who’s got the better looking mens treasure trail? Chris’s above or Jasons Chambers snail trail which you can see below. Jason, who kinda reminds us of American Idol winner Kris Allen, is a mixed martial arts or MMA fighter.

Zac Efron Treasure Trail. Looks like Zac ain’t about to give up his crown as Top Teen Girls crush to Robert Pattinson. We guess that’s the reason why we’re seeing a lot of these kinds of shirtless pics from Team Efron lately. Anyhoo here’s Zac, and his treasure trail, on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

mens treasure trail zac efron

Daniel Radcliffe. If we are not mistaken, this photo of a shirtless Daniel Radcliffe is from the set of the stage show Equus.

mens treasure trail daniel radcliffe

Henry Cavill. A young Henry Cavill poses with an open shirt and, as a consequence, shows us his treasure trail.

celebrity treasure trail - henry cavill

Andy Murray. Tennis champion Andy Murray sports some snail trail in the pic below.

mens treasure trail andy murray

Let us end this post on mens treasure trail with this absolutely gorgeous photo of Justin Gaston. This is our favorite photo of them all. What about you, which of these is your favorite.

mens treasure trail - justin gaston

Mens Treasure Trail: Celebrity Edition first posted on 24 April 2009. Last updated: January 12, 2023 at 9:39 am.