Mens Singlets Fashion Watch: Male Models and Celebrities Wearing Singlets

Mens Singlets Fashion Watch: Model Kurt Lima. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: One of the coolest and sexiest menswear ever designed is the singlet/tank top shirt for men?

mens singlet fashion

Maybe these photos of San Diego male model Kurt Lima will help you decide.

sexy mens singlet kurt lima

Want more gorgeous men in tank top shirts? Check out our post on Hugh Jackman Wolverine shirt.

Wondering about this sexy and hunky Kurt Lima guy? Here’s what he wrote about himself in his ModelMayhem profile: “Hello everyone, I am a 24 year old San Diego native. I love life and am big on friends and family. I’ve always sought after modeling work but at times it fell to the way side during my higher education. After graduating San Diego State University with a Communication Degree and a Minor in Psychology I was approached by a number of people who believe I have the potential for this industry.”

He adds: “I embody a sharp, stylish, and professional look that can deliver on a company’s reputation for success. I am currently represented by Vision L.A. Models and No Ties Management and all work will be reviewed and delegated by either agency. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to consider myself as a prospect.”

Ain’t he a gorgeous guy?

mens singlet shirt kurt lima

Damn. We love his hot muscles.


Mitch Brown’s Peekabo Underwear and Tank Top Shirt

mens singlet shirt mitch brown

Mitch Brown of the Australian Football League shows off his awesome physique (look at them washboard abs) and his peekabo underwear. He sure is looking good in his black tank tops, eh?

mitch brown hot


More Mens Singlet Shirt for Guys. Our friend Kevin want more male models in mens singlet shirts so we are updating this post to add these gorgeous guys in singlets. Let us begin the update with the beautiful male model Steven Brewis in what looks line an undersized singlet shirt:

mens singlet shirt are sexy

Our imaginary boyfriend Ben McKenzie goes for a run in his white tank top shirt.

mens singlet shirt ben mckenzie

Survivor castaway and male model Jeremiah Wood posing in singlets and jeans.

mens singlets fashion style jeremiah wood

And, last but not the least, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine looking awesome in his Zimmerli ribbed mens singlets shirt.

Mens Singlets Fashion Watch: Male Models and Celebrities Wearing Singlets. Posted 23 June 2010. Updated 31 May 2017.