Mens Ripped Jeans: Hot or Not? In or Out? Good or Bad?

Mens Ripped Jeans: Hot or Not? In or Out? Good or Bad? Time to confess, Famewatchers. When you were in your teens (maybe in your 20s too), who among you ripped your fairly new jeans because you thought it will make you look cool and cute? We’re guessing we all did it at least one time, no? Now, if you are still a teenager or in your early 20s and has never done some jeans-tearing, we are giving you permission to go rip a pair of your jeans. But don’t over-rip it. The rip in the cute guy’s pants in the photo below is about right so use this as an example.

mens ripped jeans hot or not

Now, if you are in your late 20s (and older), don’t you ever, ever think of ripping your jeans again. Or buying a ripped pair for yourself. This kind of stuff is for the young ones. And, speaking from experience, you’ll look silly trying to be hip and young with your ripped jeans. It may not be the same level as Madonna-trying-to-be-shocking-young silly or Stallone-trying-to-be-face-young-silly but its still silly. See what we are talking about Stallone’s silly facial makeovers in our post on Botox For Men.

Update: Oops, we forgot to identify this cute guy as Justin Hartley. If you watch Smallville, you’d know him as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow.

Brian Buzzini: Washboard Abs in Mens Ripped Jeans (17 January 2010). You’ve seen American male model Brian Buzzini in his tank top shirts, now here’s a pic of him shirtless in ripped faded jeans. We’re not surprised that the guy’s got great washboard abs under them shirts.

mens ripped jeans vintage brian buzzini

He’s a gorgeous dude too. Doesn’t he look a little bit like Pierce Brosnan? Want more beautiful shirtless men?

Male Model Jean Carlos Santos in Ripped Jeans (28 September 2009). Brazilian hunk Jean Carlos Santos headlines the fall/winter 2009 advertising campaign for Diesel Jeans. Check him out looking cool and all.

diesel mens ripped jeans hot not

Hah. Looks like his house has been ripped by a tornado. Good thing our hunk is there to put things back in order again.

mens ripped jeans diesel

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