Best Mens Underwear in the World: Unno Anatomic from Spain

best mens underwear brand unno anatomic

Best Mens Underwear in the World: Unno Anatomic from Spain. Since the Guinness Book of World Record isn’t declaring what the world’s best underwear is, we’re giving the title to this Italian (or is it Spanish?) underwear brand called Unno. Unno is described in various press accounts as “the first underwear for men which is designed to enhance male attributes” as well as an underwear that provides “extra shape enhancement”. Apparently, Unno is so powerful that if a man wears a pair of Unno undies, it would get him so hard it can break a display window. If this does not earn you the World’s Best Mens Underwear title, we don’t know what will. However, should we be worried for whoever partners with an Unno-wearing guy? What if he’ll break his partner while they are doing the horizontal dance or something.

Mens Workout Underwear: Gym, Exercise, Performance Undies

mens workout underwear - adidas climacool

Mens Workout Underwear. Here’s a question from reader Bryan T: Your site is becoming more of an underwear site rather than a celebrity site so I might as well ask you this question, “Is there a specific workout underwear for men? Or will your regular briefs or boxers suffice when you are doing any kind of workout whether at the gym or somewhere else?”