Mens Onesie Underwear: 2014 Guide to the Best Sexy Onesies

Mens Onesie Underwear. Looking for onesies to warm you up during the coming cold winter months? Here’s your Famewatcher 2014 guide to the best sexy onesies for men. What’s “best” of course is subjective and its all in our imagination. But we hope this gives you some ideas on what to buy when you go shopping for your (or your man’s) onesie. So Famewatchers, here are the best onesies in the world EVER, EVER, EVER:

1. The Personalized Onesie: The best way you can tell other people that your onesie is yours and yours alone is by personalizing. Embroider your initials in the garment a-la Joey Essex. [Wanna see more Joey Essex’s Underwear?]

male celebrity long johns - joey essex

2. The Superhero Onesie: Andrew Garfield’s costume in The Amazing Spiderman is technically not an underwear but there are superhero-inspired onesies out there that you can buy. [Correction update: Our friend Deena says that Spiderman’s outfit may be considered an “underwear for outerwear”.]


3. The Designer Onesie Underwear for Men: Of course various designer brands like Calvin Klein have a mens onesie line to cash in on the demand.


4. The Button-Down Mens Onesie: Want a onesie that opens all the way to your navel area that shows your treasure trail? Well you should buy yourself a button down onesie.


5. The Body-Fit Onesie: If you’ve got all the right muscles in all the right places, you can show off your enviable musculature by getting yourself a form-fitting onesie.


6. The Vintage Mens Onesie Underwear. Want to wear what your grandfather or father have worn from 20-50 years ago? Then get yourself a vintage or vintage-inspired onesie. Vintage ones may be available on ebay. But we don’t advise buying used clothes on the internet especially undies that used to cover someone else’s family jewels. Ewww. But that’s us.


7. The Exercise Onesie: If you want to catch the attention of the girl (or guy) you’ve been crushing at the gym, is it okay to wear a onesie and do your stretches like what this man is doing? Nope. At least not in our gym because the management has rules on what is/is not appropriate to wear. But you can do all your stretching at home while wearing your onesie, right?


8. The Half Onesie (or Halfsie?): Do we call this half onesie that Sam Callahan is wearing a “halfsie”? If we don’t, we should start calling them such because it sounds really cool and quite apt.


Speaking of Sam Callahan, who posed for Gay Times magazine for the pic above, check out our post – Is Sam Callahan Gay? – from a year ago.