Mens Lift Underwear: Bodymax From Marks and Spencer

Mens Lift Underwear: Bodymax From Marks and Spencer. Who says men should not enhance the way they look in the downstairs area? Certainly not the venerable British retailer which launched its line of men’s uplifting underwear called Bodymax underwear.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Bodymax “bum lift” underpants “promise to raise the posterior by a fifth thanks to seam-free tailoring, while its ‘frontal enhancement’ pants claim to result in a 38 per cent “visual enhancement in size” as a result of an ‘integral shelf'”.

bodymax Mens Lift Underwear

Mens Lift Underwear bodymax underwear marks and spencer

From the M&S website: “The first of their kind on the high street, our enhancing underpants are a new addition to the BODYMAX range. Made using the latest fabric technology, BODYMAX pants come in two styles – bum lift pants and a frontal enhancement pants.”

What does the internet commentariat community think about the Bodymax male enhancer underwear?

Here’s five of our favorite comments from the Daily Telegraph:

  • Surely it would be cheaper to just buy a banana?

That’s true but your expenses will add up if you’re gonna buy a banana everyday, right? Unless of course you want to sport an impressive package one day and be a deflated “b*lgeless” man the next day.

  • What happens when you whip them off in front of your female conquest only to reveal a sorry looking walnut rather than the impressive tool you eagerly promised her?

Hehe. Good point. Hopefully, by the time you reach the “I’ll show mine and you show yours” stage, your amazing and charming personality would have won her over.

  • Oh, good Lord. Its not quite the same as the enhancing clothing that women wear. Women usually wear clothing that disguises what’s there. This article promises something that’s not there. And there’s the rub. These come off and genuine disappointment for the lady involved. Don’t think they will be a great success. Well, I could say more but do not think the Telegraph would let me get away with it!

Actually, those padded bras don’t just disguise, they also promise something that’s not there which, i.e., big boobs. But we see your point.

  • I bet these will be discontinued within a year, lol. It’s all down to biology… Men are visually attracted to their s*xual mates, hence the “need” for women’s attire. When the padded bra has got him “in the mood”, any later “disappointments” are disregarded. But females look for other attributes, such as ability to provide, reliability / likelihood to hang around for 5-7 years so the kids might stay alive / fed / protected etc. Not primarily his “size”.

Very true. But we knew a girl who is more interested in the size thing than in the personality thing. Come to think of it, this kind of girl is made for the kind of man who go for products like this.

  • At least I can now retire my own stuffed sock. God bless M&S.

Oh, you should still keep it for emergencies. Hehe.

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Male Models in Bodymax Underwear (23 September 2011). Wondering what you would look like if you buy yourself a Bodymax underwear? Thankfully, we’ve got some male models to show us how this outfit looks on a human body.

mens lift underwear bodymax

Mens Lift Underwear bodymax underwear comparison

What do you think? Is the protuberance cool enough for yah?

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