Mens Leggings: Still Trendy and Fashionable?

Mens Leggings: Still Trendy and Fashionable After All These Years? If you thought four years ago that mens leggings is a flash in the pan and would be gone by now, you  will be very mistaken. It really is here to stay. But not only is it staying, it has also managed to cross over to the mainstream in men’s fashion with companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour producing and selling them. As we mentioned in our original post in 2015, Hollywood celebrities have embraced the tighty outfit too. Here are more famous men spotted in leggings or meggings (men’s leggings):

Academy-nominated actor Mickey Rourke in Combat Pro leggings by Nike. You know that the fashion battle is won if you’ve got a tough guy like Mickey wearing an outfit that used to be only seen on dance instructors and Broadway stars.

mens leggings 2015 - mickey rourke leggings

Transformers star and crazy dude Shia La Beouf was also spotted wearing a pair of Nike men’s leggings.

mens leggings 2015 - shia la beouf leggings

Apparently, Zac Efron is also a fan of meggings. In fact, he loves it so much he was seen wearing ’em not once but twice. Check out Zac, on a walking date with girlfriend Sami Miro, wearing a pair of red leggings.

mens leggings 2015 - zac efron with gf sami miro

Zac with a more subdued number.

mens leggings 2015 - zac efron

Our friend Kevin tells us that Zac is kinda cheating because he’s wearing shorts on top of his leggings which is the wrong way to wear leggings.

Mens Leggings 2015. For those of you wondering whether mens leggings are still in style in 2015, the answer is obviously a big fat yes! With the likes of Zac Efron wearing leggings, it is likely that it will be a part of men’s fashion for some time.

Ewww! Leather leggings! Will it not get yeasty down there?

mens leather leggings 2015 - male model

One of the reasons why men’s leggings have gone mainstream and why it is here to stay is the fact that sports apparel brands like Nike and Under Armour are producing them.

mens leggings 2015 - male model for under armour

Who says men can’t walk casually around town in their tight leggings? Obviously not this guy!

mens leggings - male model

A shirtless dude in meggings.

mens leggings 2015 - male model2

Male Fashion History Flashback. Men’s leggings isn’t actually a new thing. Athletes back in the day — like American professional wrestler Frank Gotch — wore a variation of today’s meggings.


According to wikipedia, Gotch was one of the most popular athletes in America during his heydays and reigned as World Heavyweight Champion from 1908 to 1913. Sadly, he lived a short life as he succumbed to uremic poisoning when he was only 39 years old.

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