Men’s Jeans Unzipped: Stuart Reardon, Levis 501 Unbuttoned, Taylor Kitsch

Men’s Jeans Unzipped: Rugby Player Stuart Reardon. Want more male models with their jeans unzipped? Of course you do. Apparently, it’s kind of a thing. In fact, the marketing people of Levis 501 kinda followed our “lead” with their Levis 501 Unbuttoned campaign which featured their models with jeans unbuttoned.

Sure you can say that unbuttoned fly is not the same with an unzipped one but it’s still “same, same” according to our friend Arun. Anyhoo, check out our imaginary rugby boyfriend looking fabulous as always with his sculpted muscles and all.

mens jeans unzipped stuart reardon

Anyone know this guy who’s wearing Giorgio Armani underwear beneath his jeans?

mens jeans unzipped - giorgio armani

Or this zaddy? Want more shirtless men in jeans?

mens jeans unzipped washboard abs

And here’s Indian male model and actor Akshay Kumar in a Levis 501 Unbuttoned advertising campaign.

mens jeans unbuttoned - levis male model

And here’s another model for Levis 501.

mens jeans unzipped - levis unbuttoned 501

Mens Jeans Unzipped (10 November 2009). Who says Jesse Metcalfe is the only male celebrity who wants to partially unzip his jeans to tease his fans? Not American actor Steve Sandvoss; thank God, his Harvard education has not stopped him from being slutty and all. Technically though, Steve has his jeans unbuttoned rather than unzipped.

mens jeans unzipped - steve sandvoss

Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch also, apparently, loves to unzip his denims. Yohoo for the Great White North.

mens jeans unzipped Taylor Kitsch

And so does this unidentified muscle hunk. What a hot and hairy daddy.

mens jeans unzipped - hairy daddy

Guys in Leather Jacket: Steve Sandvoss, Harvard Hunk (06 July 2010). Our friend Deena likes us to blog more about the delightfully slutty Steve Sandvoss, you know, the Harvard-educated hunk who ain’t shy about baring his body. Because it is a new year and because we want to please our friend, here are some more pics featuring The Sandvoss.

steve sandvoss shirtless leather jacket

We like his leather pic the best but his “let me show you my purplish underwear” photo below is also very interesting. Want more men in leather jackets? Or you might want to check out these male celebrity treasure trail instead?

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