Mens Jeans Low Rise: Male Models Stephen Sohn and Fernando Sippel

Mens Jeans Low Rise: Male Models Stephen Sohn and Fernando Sippel. Now, this modeling shoot of Korean model Stephen Sohn in his low rise jeans reminds us of Julius Hart who was hauled to court by Florida authorities because he was wearing baggy pants that were showing his underwear. We don’t know how the case turned out but Julius, bless his heart, argued that if Prince Harry and David Beckham wear baggy jeans (which they do) then there’s nothing scandalous about his low rise outfit.

mens jeans low rise korean model stephen sohn

mens jeans low rise model stephen sohn

But let’s go back to our cute Korean model of the day in his low rise jeans.

mens jeans low rise - stephen sohn model

Nerd Boy in Mens Jeans Low Rise: Fernando Sippel, Brazilian Male Model (18 January 2010). Brazilian male model Fernando Sippel goes for the nerd look (and dangerously low low rise jeans) in this photo-shoot for The Boy.

mens jeans low rise - brazilian model fernando sippel

Maybe he is emulating Zac Efron? Anyhoo, Fernando is one one of them guys who should always go shirtless and always (yeah, we mean 100% always) wear low rise jeans. \

fernando sippel shirtless body

Damn, he’s got the perfect abs that men dream about and which girls would like their men to have. Right?

mens low rise jeans fernando sippel

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Low Hang Jeans: Good or Bad? Ask Julius Hart! (09 April 2009). We are giving our Dude of the Day Award to Julius Hart, a 17 year old Florida teener who’s being prosecuted for wearing baggy trousers. This must be one of the silliest cases we’ve ever heard. Maybe Florida law enforcement authorities have nothing more important to do? Or are we back to the Puritan days when authorities dictated what people may or may not wear.

Anyways, we give props to Julius and his lawyer for using David Beckham and Prince Harry as examples to prove that wearing baggy pants is a fashion trend and is not offensive at all.

From the Daily Mail: “An American teenager who was arrested for wearing baggy trousers that exposed his boxer shorts has cited Prince Harry and David Beckham as evidence the trend is not offensive.”

The Mail adds: “Julius Hart, 17, showed photographs of the Royal and the football heart-throb to a Florida court as he claimed it was his constitutional right to sport the style. Hart’s crime breached a West Palm Beach law that bans low-slung jeans in public.”

Go, Julius! Now, as to whether baggy trousers are good or bad, we personally think its bad. Sure, it can be sexy at times but wearing your pants in a way that make them look as if they’re about to drop to the floor is just silly and ridiculous. We’d prefer it if all guys and gals use a belt to tighten their baggy trousers but we think its sillier and even more ridiculous to prosecute someone for what he or she wears.

Can you imagine the day when these stupid Florida authorities will also ban mini-skirts, and tight Speedo swimtrunks, and leopard print pants? If they are banning baggy pants, what will stop them from banning other fashion styles? So, as we were saying, we here at Famewatcher are with Julius Hart and we hope he wins his case!

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