Mens Green Leather Jacket 2016: Top Male Celebrity Fashion

Mens Green Leather Jacket. We made a list for those of you who are looking for green leather jackets. This list is, of course, inspired by Deena who asked us to identify the brand label of the nifty green leather jacket that Top Gears Chris Evans has been seen wearing around. We identified said jacket as a GSR by Belstaff Manx jacket. Go check out the link if you want to learn more.

Anyhoo, here’s a list of other mens green leather jackets seen on your favorite male celebrities.

Adrien Brody’s green leather jacket looks just as stylish and less attention-grabbing as Chris Evans’ GSR Manx.

mens green leather jacket - adrien brody

Nah. This is not a leather jacket at all but Deena wants more Justin Hartley so we are including Justin Hartley and his greenish leather bodysuit. The image is from Smallville where our Deena’s imaginary boyfriend played the role of Green Arrow/Oliver Queen.

green leather - justin hartley as oliver queen

Apparently, Hollywood superstar Will Smith loves him his green leather jacket too. This outfit is from the Valentino collection.

green leather - will smith by valentino2

Rapper common in a Diesel leather jacket.

mens green leather jacket jacket - common - rapper