Mens Casio Watch: Famous Celebrities Wearing Casio Watches

Mens Casio Watch: Celebrities Wearing Casio. Who of your favorite celebrities are fans of Casio? We made a list of famous men who were spotted wearing Casio watches.

George Clooney. In the movie Burn After Reading, the Hollywood superstar wore a Casio G-Shock GW-5600BJ watch.

mens casio watch - george clooney

Ronnie Ortiz. Remember the Jersey Shore reality show on MTV? Here’s Ronnie Ortiz wearing a Casio watch on a date with then-girlfriend Sammi Giancola.

mens casio watch - celebrities wearing casio - ronnie ortiz2

Justin Bieber. Teen idol moppet head Justin Bieber apparently loves him his Casio G-Shock watch. Classy choice, Justin. You do know how to pick a good watch, Bieber boy.

mens casio watch - justin bieber

Tim Olyphant. Tim Olyphant, the guy we fell in love with in that gory movie The Crazies, apparently wore a Casio watch when he was filming said movie.

A closer look at Tim’s mens Casio watch.

mens casio watch - famous celebrities wearing casio - tim olyphant

mens casio watch list

So if someone asks you, “What do Prince Harry, Justin Bieber, Brett Favre and Tim Olyphant have in common?” The answer is not, “Nothing! What the heck of a silly question is that?” The correct answer would be, “They were once snapped wearing Casio watches.” Got it?

Steve Carell wears a Casio DW560E in 40 Year Old Virgin. The forty-year-old virgin that is Steve Carell is wearing a Casio DW560E watch in this scene with Paul Rudd. What do Steve Carell and Justin Bieber have in common? We’re not gonna say that they’re both virgins still but what they have in common is their love for Casio watches.

celebrity casio watches

Check out Steve’s Casio watch.

actors wearing casio watch

Bear Grylls Wears Casio Waveceptor and Casio Gshock. What do Canadian superstar Justin Bieber, funny actor Steve Carell, British TV host Bear Grylls have in common? They all wear Casio watches. Here’s our hunky Bear sporting a Casio Waveceptor.

The British cutie is wearing a Casio GShock watch in the photo below which is the same model as moppet head Justin Bieber’s.

celebrities wearing casio gshock

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