Mens Camo Pants, Underwear, Military Uniform: Real Soldiers, Models, Movies

Mens Camo Pants, Underwear, and Military Uniform. Let’s continue blogging about mens camo fashion by bringing you these photos of men in their camo outfits. Some of these guys are male models while some are real guys in military uniform. First, let’s have MMA Fighter Kevin Burns in his camouflage underwear. OMG, isn’t he the embodiment of a sexy hunk?

mens camo underwear kevin burns

Then here’s male model Andrei Claude in his camouflage pants.

mens camo pants andrei claude

More male models in their mens camo pants

mens camo pants male models

Finally, here’s a¬†shirtless fitness model in his camo trousers.

real soldiers in mens camo uniform

Real Soldiers in Camo Uniforms. From models, we now move on to real soldiers on the ground having fun in their camo uniforms. Haha. Ain’t this dangerous? What happens to the bald guy when that thing explodes? Oh wait, it ins’t just the bald soldier who’d be blown to smithereens is that thing fires up.

mens camo pants real soldier


soldiers wearing camo pants


Camouflage Military Uniform: Three Kings Movie
28 November 2010

mens camo pants movie

Today in “hot men in uniform”, we bring you the unequaled hotness of the trio of George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and Ice Cube in their war movie, Three Kings. You know what could have made this hotter still? If they included Canadian actor Paul Gross in the cast. Seriously, Paul rocks any military or police uniform; like the Canadian Mountie uniform for instance.

More pics of George Clooney in camouflage.

mens camo pants george clooney three kinds

mens camo uniform three kings

Want more men in camouflage?


Male Celebrities in Military Uniform: Luke Macfarlane in Camouflage
15 January 2010

mens camo pants luke macfarlane

Luke Macfarlane in military camouflage uniform for his role as Pvt. Frank ‘Dim’ Dumphy in the 2005 television drama, Over There.

actors wearing mens camo pants

Want more celebrity fashion from Luke? Check out his winter sweater as well as his khaki pants.

Want more men in uniform? Check out George Eads’ police uniform, Tom Cruise in his aviator suit, and Prince Harry’s camouflage pants.

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