Mens Calvin Klein Underwear Hunks: Matt Kirkham and Others

Mens Calvin Klein Underwear Hunks: Matt Kirkham. Looking for a hot guy in Calvin Klein underwear? Well, here’s male model, Matt Kirkham who’s a total hottie in his CK briefs. Damn. Don’t fault us if we fall in lurve with him. Hehe. Seriously, how can you not fall in love with them very expressive — almost haunting — eyes. And he looks great in them Calvin Klein briefs too. Oh, and he’s got a nice hat which we are so liking.

For more men in Calvin Klein underwear, check out the following: Joel Rush, Zac Efron, Chris Cuba, Tyler Bachtel, and the king of CK himself, Michael Biserta.

Mens Calvin Klein Underwear Hunks Update
07 June 2011

We are not surprised that a lot of you are looking for more guys in CK undies. So let’s begin this update with our next mens Calvin Klein underwear hunk: the hawt Canadian model Simon Nessman.

mens calvin klein underwear hunks

Simon models a pair of Calvin Klein swimtrunks from the CK Spring Summer 2011 collection. Simon is a very successful male model and is actually ranked by as the third top model in its Top 50 male model list. In 2011 alone, he headlined several advertising campaigns such as CK, Dolce and Gabbana, Gap Denims, Emporio Armani and other high end brands.

Meanwhile, another mens Calvin Klein underwear hunk is Irish hunk Jamie Dornan. Did you know that he dated actress Keira Knightley? Aside from modeling, Jamie is also an actor. His acting gigs include playing the role of Count Fersen in the 2006 movie, Marie Antoinette. You should also look out for Jamie in an upcoming TV series called Once Upon a Time.

Jamie also headlined campaigns for high-end brands like Dior, Aquascutum, and Armani.

Fourth in our list of mens Calvin Klein underwear hunks is Sultan Blackwell. He is still starting his modeling career so its understandable that he is not as accomplished as either Jamie Dornan or Simon Nessman. But, with his killer washboard abs and his hunkiness we think its just a matter of time before we see him in big billboards like the ones in Times Square.

Now, we don’t know the names of these two models but they look cute in their Calvin Klein jockstraps, no?

We like the jockstrap below which is reportedly made of 85% nylon and 15% lycra. Niiiiice!

What do you think of this man in his CK long johns underwear? Is he the coolest of these model guys we featured in this post?

Note: Some photos referred to in this post have been moved to our gallery. Our apologies.