Men’s Body Enhancing Underwear

Men’s Body Enhancing Underwear. So you’ve been pigging out these holidays, huh? Of course we all do, don’t we? We eat and eat and eat and make a new year’s resolution about working out and eating healthy in the coming year.

Some of us will keep our resolution but most people (including us here at Famewatcher especially Kevin and Deena) will, after a month of dogged determination, eventually forget about going to the gym and eating less fatty and carb-laden food.

Good thing we can hide the extra weight gain with body enhancing/slimming/trimming underwear. Let’s take a look at what’s available in the market when it comes to body enhancers, shall we?

1. Shape Enhancer® Seamless Trunk (from Regular price of $30 but is now on sale at $19.50. This Shape Enhancer “seamless trunks trim and slim your sides, giving you a well-toned look – with no workout necessary!” Our comment: Sure, maybe it makes you look good but this should not replace working out and eating healthy.

mens body enhancing underwear

2. Body Slimming Tummy Belt. We found this one on ebay. It’s manufactured in China and is made of nylon and polyurethanes. [For more body shapers, check out this related post: Waist Trimming Men’s Shirts.

body slimming tummy belt underwear - chinese brand

3. George Bodysculpt Trunks for Men. How much would it cost you to buy this one? Made of blended polyamide (85%) and elastane (15%), this body shaping underwear is being sold at for £10.00. Product description from “Your ideal body shape is within your reach. George Bodysculpt trunks are made of compression fabric for overall body shape improvement. These white mens high waisted shaper trunks help improve the waist line and stomach shape, and feature ventilated panels for cooling.”

Bodysculpt Trunks for men - black or white

4. Body Trimmer® Brief (from On sale at $12.50. This body trimmer is made of nylon/spandex (with cotton spandex pouch). More info from underwear: “Gently reshape your hips all the way around. These men’s body trimmer briefs feature a slimming 3″ wide waistband that keeps your waistline under control. A firming nylon/spandex blend provides lasting results while giving the body trimmer a comfortable stretch fit. Breathable cotton/spandex pouch for a contoured fit.”

body trimmer briefs underwear for men

5. Squeem Waist Trimmer (available at for $61.95). The Squeem shapewear reportedly a) accelerates weight loss through high compression, perspiration and micromassage, b) reduces measurements 1 to 4 inches within 30 days, c) immediately firms and flattens the abdomen, and d) corrects posture.

Could these claims be true? Maybe. But we are doubtful that this Squeem trimmer can accelerate weight loss. If it does, maybe the acceleration is .0000001% or, to use the wise words of our friend Craig, its impact if any is very very negligible.

squeem waist trimmer for men

6. 2(X)ist Shape Form Men’s Slimming Trunks (sold for $24 at Reviews for this slimming trunk on the company’s website are not favorable. The complaints range from a) when you sit the support band tends to roll down, to b) sizing was correct except legs were way too short and ride up your legs, and to c)
when I need to use the urinal, much difficulty in removing my member from that very small opening in the crouch ares.

So apparently, there are some issues with this shapewear but we give props to 2xist for allowing said issues to be aired and, hopefully, heard by those who make them.

2X-ist Shape Form Mens Slimming Trunks

7. Spanx Slim-Waist Boxer Brief. Available for $48 at where it is reportedly a bestseller. Made of cotton, elastane, and nylon the Spanx Waist Boxer Briefs reportedly “fits like your favorite cotton underwear and takes inches off your gut. Comfortable, supportive and profile enhancing—they will forever change the way you look and feel in your clothes.”

mens body enhancing underwear spanx slim waist boxer brief

That’s it for now, fellow ShapeWatchers.

In ending this post, we’d like to reiterate the point we made earlier that these slimming underwear should not replace losing weight and eating healthy. The best way to look good is really through healthy diet and exercise.

Men’s Body Enhancing Underwear – Guide and Review. Posted 27 December 2013. Last updated: August 28, 2023 at 3:42 am.