Male Corsets: Slimming Girdles for Guys – Model Matthieu Barnabe

Mens Corsets Will Slim You Down in a Fashionable Way. Check out this men’s slimming corset on French male model Matthieu Barnabe. It is the “perfect” solution for guys who would like to slim but who don’t have the time to hit the gym.

mens corsets slimming effect

We say “perfect” in quotes because the perfect solution really is to find time to exercise to rid yourself of them extra fat you’ve been carrying around your midsection and other parts of your body. Trust us, not only will you look better, you will be much healthier too.
mens corsets 2017 - get slimmer look

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Waist Trimming Shirts for Men: Price Guide to Body Contour Shirts

Waist Trimming Shirts for Men – Your Price Guide to Body Contour Shirts in 2013-2014: Are you thinking of a gift to give to your man or to yourself (if you’re a man) this coming holidays? If your man is on the “plus size” scale or if he has some unsightly midsection bulge that he wants to hide, you might want to give him a compression or body-contouring shirt this Christmas. To help you decide on the appropriate shirt to buy, we scoured the internets for this price list, from the most affordable ($24 USD) to the most expensive ($99 USD).

Please note that the descriptions below are by the manufacturers. The prices mentioned are either from online stores or from the manufacturer’s website. [Want more body contour fashion? Check out these male corsets.]

ASDA Bodysculpt All-In-One Shaper ($24 USD): Bodysculpt all in one shape enhancer with compression fabric for overall body shape improvement, ventilated panels for cooling and stops body odour. Fabric is made of 83% Polyamide and 17% Elastane.

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Equmen Core Precision Shirt: Does It Work? Good or Bad?

Equmen Core Precision Shirt Review. Want to look slim even though you’ve got a beer belly? Ever tried a body slimming compression shirt? Sure, it would be better to get rid of the beer belly instead but not all men can do that for a variety of reasons — slow metabolism, work schedule, outright laziness, etc., etc.

equmen core precision shirt review

So you might want to check out Equmen’s Core Precision Undershirt which is reportedly designed for the “36-to-50-year-old guy who is starting to maybe slow down a little bit on his physical activity … going to the gym two days a week instead of four or five. He’s got kids and an active family life.”

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