Male Athletes in Short Shorts

Men in Tight Shorts Are a Sight to Behold (Sometimes). Are tight shorts for men good or bad? Is it good fashion sense? Or is it a fashion faux pas for a men to wear tight shorts? Well, as it happens, like other fashion questions, there really is no definitive answer whether wearing tight shorts is cool or not. Sometimes it is A-OK. Sometimes, it could be offensive and those wearing ’em deserve to be confined in an institution.

Anyhoo, here are images of famous men in tight shorts which, we hope, you will appreciate. We are calling them the Ten Guys With the World’s Best Tight Shorts because we can. Hehe.

Juan Manuel Leguizamon. This Argentine rugby player is looking cool in his shorties. This most definitely deserves a fashion thumbs up. Two thumbs up actually.


Justin Clynes. This is another fashion win!

men in tight shorts - justin clynes

Billy Joe Saunders. This British boxer looks good in his Sunspel boxer shorts. [On second thought, we should not have included this in our group of men in tight shorts because his outfit is not really that tight. But we love us our Billy so we’ll leave him here.]


Julian McMahon. Ahh Julian. Hehehe. Okay, we are not sure whether this is a win or a fail. We know that our conservative grandmama will be a little scandalized though.


Bradley Cooper during the shooting of American Sniper. We’re pretty sure the beefier guy is his stunt double.

bradley cooper shorts - american sniper movie

Hot Male Model for Michael Bastian SS2014. Shorty short shorts will never go out of style.

gym shorts - mbastian ss14

Ugo Monye is Mr. November for a previous Rugby’s Finest Calendar. Would anyone know if the people behind this project continue to produce similar calendars? We sure would like to buy one for 2016.

black rugby players - NOVEMBER – Ugo Monye - 2011 rugbys finest calendar

Seb Stegman is Mr. July for the same calendar project. It’s a no contest. You can’t beat rugby players like Ugo and Seb when it comes men in shorts.

uk-rugby-2011-july-Seb Stegman

Dan Isell and Artis Gilmore. Ahh, the good old days when professional athletes wore tighty tighties. Sadly those days are behind us (except for rugby of course).

vintage mens tight basketball shorts - dan issell and artis gilmore

So do you have a favorite men in tight shorts? Tell us in the comment section. Danke!