Men in Lederhosen: Actors, Athletes, Male Models

Men in Lederhosen: Actors, Athletes, Male Models. Will Germany’s lederhosen become as popular as the Irish/Scottish kilt? We sure hope it does. Men’s fashion would be a lot more interesting if guys around the world include lederhosens in their wardrobe, right? For the time being, let’s appreciate these famous men in lederhosen.

Let’s begin with one of our favorite actors, Samuel L. Jackson who wore a pair of lederhosen during an Oktoberfest festival a few years back.

famous men wearing lederhosen - samuel l jackson

Proof that wearing lederhosen is cool is the simple fact that Samuel L. Jackson is wearing one. He can do no wrong and everything he does is cool, cool, cool.

famous men wearing lederhosen - samuel l jackson2 - oktoberfest

While promoting Iron Man III in Munich, Robert Downey Jr. snubbed the usual suit and tie and opted for this lederhosen which looks pretty good on him. That’s our RDJ!

celebrity lederhosen - robert downey jr - ironman 3 photocall in munich

Another actor seen in lederhosen is American cutie Austin Nichols who wore this in an episode of One Tree Hill.

austin nichols lederhosen in one tree hill

We should not also forget Sacha Baron Cohen who donned a shorty shorty lederhosen in his movie mockumentary, Bruno.

sacha baron cohen lederhosen

In the world of sports, football players of the Bayern Munich football club usually wear lederhosen during Oktoberfest. For instance check out Mario Gomez and his pals:

mario gomez and bayern munich teammates in lederhosen

Then here’s Bayern Munich vice captain Bastian Schweinsteiger with girlfriend Sarah Brandner.

Sarah Brandner Germany BastianSchweinsteiger

Likewise, here’s Thomas Mueller and his girlfriend during Oktoberfest.

Thomas Mueller lederhosen

Let us continue blogging about male celebrities who were spotted wearing lederhosen. Check out tennis great Boris Becker in his lederhosen. That must be his girlfriend or wife, no? They look so happy together.

boris becker wearing lederhosen

Anyhoo, let us check out other athletes or sportsmen in lederhosen like this jockey at the 2012 Bavarian ox-racing championships…

bull rider in lederhosen - germany

… Italian cross-country skier Roland Clara who should team up with Austin Nichols above to form a club of shirtless lederhosen club or something…

Roland Clara cross country skier in lederhosen - italian hunk

… and, most recently, six-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt wore a lederhosen when he joined this year’s 180th Oktoberfest in Munich.

mens lederhosen - usain bolt - 180th Oktoberfest festival at Hippodrom dent in Munich

So far, not a lot of designers have added lederhosen in their collections so we should give credit to Spanish designer Carlos Diez who included this outfit in his 2012 Fall/Winter Menswear Collection.

male model in lederhosen - carlos diez fall winter 2012

Meanwhile, in the music world, here’s Canadian singer Rufus Wainwright looking cool in his lederhosen.

men in lederhosen - rufus wainwright

Oops, we almost forgot to include Boris Becker’s son, Noah Becker, who’s rockin’ his lederhosen outfit in the pic below.

noah becker - son of boris wearing lederhosen

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