Men in Wet Jeans: Celebrities and Male Models

Men in Wet Jeans: Celebrities and Male Models. Jeff Probst, host of our favorite reality show Survivor, is looking good in his wet jeans, no? Did someone dunk him to the water? He seems so happy about it. Want more hot men in jeans?

men in wet jeans - jeff probst

Another photo of a shirtless Jeff Probst taking a shower in his dark sunglasses (yes, no kidding).

men in wet jeans jeff probst survivor

Jensen Ackles. Move over Jeff Probst, you’re not the only hunk in wet jeans around here anymore. Famewatchers, meet Jensen Ackles. Okay, you’ve actually met him already in his underwear [see Jensen Ackles underwear] but let’s have more of Jensen in his awesome shirtlessness.

men in wet jeans jensen ackles

Sarawut Martthong. Next in our list of hot men in wet jeans is Thai hunky celeb Sarawut Martthong who sizzles in the photo below. Sarawut is a male model and actor who, according to IMDB, has made a movie called Graceland. We won’t be surprised if he made other movies in Thailand that is not included on his IMDB profile.

hot asian hunk in wet jeans

Dave Annable. Another actor who sizzles when wet is Brothers and Sisters star Dave Annable. Ah, a cute guy and his dog. We are still crushing on Dave after all these years.

hot men in wet jeans dave annable

Colin Farrell. And who is this dude jumping like an Olympic gymnast while his wet clothes drip? That dude, fellow Famewatcher, is Irish hunk Colin Farrell. The pic is from a photoshoot he made for a magazine several years ago. Kind of fun, no?

men in wet jeans colin farrell

Hot Male Model. Let’s bring back the heat with these male models (can you ID them in the comments, please) looking oh so hawt in their wet trousers. First, here’s a dude who seem like he is going to drown in his all-denim ensemble. Don’t drown yourself, baby. It still is a beautiful, wonderful world, you know. Oh, you know that already, you’re just taking a bath with your denim outfits.

hot male model in wet jeans

Now, what are these two guys doing? Can we invite ourselves and join them?

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers! So, which of these hot men in wet jeans is your favorite? Ours would still be Jeffy Probst. Hehe.

Men in Wet Jeans: Celebrities and Male Models. Posted 8 January 2010. Last updated: March 3, 2020 at 3:42 am.