Blue Underwear: Briefs, Boxers, Long Johns on Celebs and Male Models


Here’s a blue men’s underwear version of the Dolce and Gabbana underwear print ads we published earlier. Do you like baby blue underwear? According to our friend Deena, who may or may not know what she’s talking about, blue underwear like the ones worn by these Italian swimmers will arouse the maternal instincts of your partner. We honestly don’t know whether that is good or what.

Anyhoo, let’s have more men wearing blue underwear, shall we? Let’s begin with celebrities particularly Zac Efron who apparently, according to this paparazzi photo anyway, loves him his blue underwear. No word on whether this Hollywood rising star is wearing blue boxers or briefs.

The Navy Diver Underwear Models: Aussie Underwear Brand

australian underwear for men

We don’t need more evidence to prove that Australia is the land of hot men’s underwear but let’s continue blogging about Australian men’s undies just because we can. Well underwear-watchers, let’s check out this new Australian underwear brand, The Navy Diver. Nice, eh? Obviously, you don’t have to be a real life Navy diver before you can wear a pair of these.