Men in Sweatpants: Hot Athletes and Sports Hunks Edition

Men in Sweatpants: Hot Athletes and Sports Hunks Edition. Who says we are done blogging about Guys in Sweatpants? We are totally not and, this time, we are focusing on athletes and sports stars like German tennis player who continues to be one of the best tennis stars out there. A Grand Slam title remains elusive for the 25-year-old but he did win the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Yay!

men in sweatpants tennis hunk Alexander Zverev

Damn! What do you think of Italian footballer Luca Losi and his sculpted washboard abs? If our hubby has abs like that we’d ask him to be always sending us shirtless selfies. Hehe.

men in sweatpants selfie - luca losi italian football player

Romanian kickboxer Andrei Stoica is currently competing in the heavyweight division of ONE Championship, an MMA organization based in Singapore. Andrei, who is also an expert in wushu, has won a gold medal at the 2008 European Championships.

men in sweatpants sports hunks - andrei stoica - romanian kickboxer

Luca di Renzo is our imaginary boyfriend even though the only thing we know about him is that he is Italian and that he plays football. Haha.

men in sweatpants football players - luca di renzo - italy

Gonzalo Avila aka Pipa is a Spanish footballer who plays for the Greek football club Olympiacos. He also played for various Spanish national teams when he was younger.

men in sweatpants football hunks - hernan fredes - argentina

men in sweatpants football hunks - gonzalo avila aka pipa - spanish

Italian footballer Andrea Saitta plays for the Valdarno Football Club per his Instagram page.

guys in sweatpants athletes edition - andrea saitta - italian footballer

It’s cheating to include Zac Efron here but he did play competitive basketball in High School Musical so that makes him an American basketball player, no? Sorry, we just can’t help ourselves.

guys in sweatpants athletes - zac efron

Spanish footballer Samuel Garcia is hot when he laughs. We are not generally a fan of neck tattoos but we give him a pass.

guys in sweatpants athletes - samuel garcia spanish football hunk

Brazilian footballer Renan Alves is currently based in Indonesia playing for Barito Putera.

guys in sweatpants athletes - renan alves brazilian footballer

German football player Kevin Trapp, who was once linked to Rihanna after they were spotted on a date, plays as a goalkeeper for Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt and the Germany national team.

guys in sweatpants athletes - kevin trapp - german footballer

Italian judoka Fabio Basile won the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

guys in sweatpants athletes - fabio basile - italian judoka

British football star turned zaddy David Beckham looks like he’s wearing mis-paired shoes but the seemingly different colors are just the effect of sun and shadow.

guys in sweatpants sports hunks - david beckham

Unfortunately, the only thing we know about Francesco K Scavetta is his name, his love for sweatpants, and the fact that he cools himself by pouring water all over his gorgeous body.

guys in sweatpants athletes - francesco k scavetta

We saved the best for last with this photo of Italian footballer Michele Diana lounging in his couch. Damn.

guys in sweatpants sports hunks - michele diana - football italy

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