Straight Men Speedo Swimsuits: Real Men Wear Speedos

Straight Men Speedo Swimsuits. Do men still wear Speedo swimsuits to the beach? We know some of our gay friends still love them their Speedos but is this iconic outfit now passe’ among the straight guys’ community? Simon Doonan of Slate Magazine asked a similar question a year ago:

Summer is here, and again I am seething with frustration. Why? Every year I scan the beaches for men in Speedos and every year I am disappointed. The ridiculous board-shorts trend shows no sign of waning.

I had high hopes for change after last year’s Olympics, when the entire nation was gripped by the spectacle of those jackknifing water sprites in their micro-briefs. (Those preposterously teensy swim skivvies worn by Tom Daley et al could only be explained by some kind of harsh polyester-rationing scheme: “Sorry, boys, but only 1 square inch of fabric per customer. Don’t worry. It is quite stretchy.”)

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Yellow Speedo Swimsuit For Men: Good or Bad?

Yellow Speedo Swimsuit for Men. This post is for those of you who like your yellow (or orangey) Speedo swimtrunks, the guys who wear them, and the banana hidden inside waiting to be unpeeled. Hehe. How popular are yellow Speedo suits? We do not think it is popular. However, this does not mean that guys do not wear them at all.

In fact, some famous men like former wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan as well as duathlon athlete Kenny Souza were seen in their yellow Speedos. A wrestling champion and a super-athlete wear yellow Speedo swimsuit? What does this tell us? We guess it means that yellow Speedos are not for the wimpy, eh?

Anyhoo, here’s Hulk Hogan wearing his yellow swimbriefs. [Want more men in Speedos? Well, go check out our post on White Speedo Swim Briefs.]

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Tight Speedo Celebrity: Trevor Donovan Still Rocks It

Tight Speedo Celebrity Hunk: Trevor Donovan. Came across these tight Speedo photos of Trevor Donovan on Just Jared and we just have to upload it here. Why, you ask? First, because as you very well know we are fans of movie stars in Speedos. Second, its because we are still crushing on Trevor. We loved him when we first saw him on 90210. We’re still loving him now several years later.

And why not? Who does not love our Trevor? He’s hot as hot can be. He’s still single so we don’t feel guilty dreaming about him. And, most importantly, he looks good in Speedos. Haha. If we are sounding like crazy Speedo hos, it’s because we are. Guilty! Guilty! We plead guilty, your honor!

Anyhoo, here are the tight Speedo photos of our Trevor courtesy of JustJared.

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Joshua Ritchie Love Island – Speedo, Underwear, Shirtless Photos

Joshua Ritchie Love Island Hunk in Speedo. We were not planning to blog about Love Island but then we came across these Speedo photos of contestant Joshua Ritchie and we’re like, “Oh my! Count us in. He sure looks good in his Speedos. We hope he’ll keep wearing them on the show.”

Joshua Ritchie speedo hunk - love island

Does his smile remind you of Mario Lopez?

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Older Men Wearing Speedos: Ten Guys Who Rock Their Swimtrunks

Older Men Wearing Speedos: Ten Guys Who Rock Their Swimtrunks. Mature older guys wearing Speedo swimtrunks: cool or not cool? As a lady of a certain age who loves us any men in Speedos, we’re gonna say that older guys in Speedos are pretty cool. But, sadly, there are ageists in this world like the writers of a certain website we’re not gonna name who came up with a List of Celebrities They Don’t Like to See in Speedos. As it turns out, the men they included in their list are those who “are of a certain age” or those who our friend Deena would call silver daddies. So we were like, “Eff you, ageists! You will not be in your 20s forever! What are you gonna do then when you’re, like, in your 30s or 40s or 50s? Kill yourself?”

Now that we have vented what we feel, let’s check out these older men (by older, we men those aged 40 and up) who are rocking their Speedos. First in our list of 10 Older Guys Who Look Good in Speedos is Julian McMahon. This pic of the 40+ Aussie hunk makes foolish those who say that only those in their 20s or early 30s should wear Speedos. For more of Julian, check out our post on Soap Opera Stars in Speedos.

older men wearing speedos julian mcmahon - squarecut speedo - beach vacation

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Max Greenfield Shirtless, Underwear, and Speedo Photos

Max Greenfield Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo, and Gay Kisses. Look who’s looking good in his red Speedo swimsuit? It’s our imaginary TV Jewish boyfriend, the talented Max Greenfield. He looks pretty comfortable in it too unlike some guy we know who only wears beach shorts when we go swimming at the beach (hello Kevin).

max greenfield shirtless in speedo

If she’s a girl, will Max be able to give Kim K. a run for her money?

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