Men in Speedo Briefs: 2021 Swim Hunks Edition

Men in Speedo Briefs: 2021 Beach Hunks Edition. Don’t you just miss the pre-COVID 19 days when you can sit at the beach and ogle at hunky men walking around in their skimpy Speedo swimsuits? Nah, we don’t miss it but this is only because we never had days like that at all.

Now, it’s not that we did not want to look at and appreciate beach hunks in Speedos, it’s just that in our part of the world, the guys are just not into wearing briefs-style Speedos. They’re more into beach shorts and the less adventurous outfits. Haha.

Which is why we were kinda surprised when this guy, Mario Adrion, went to audition on American Idol — which is apparently still a thing — in a pair of Speedos. We have no choice but to stan the guy.

men in speedo - Mario Adrion american idol

Aside from Mario, here are some guys rocking their Speedo swimsuits. First, Italian swimmer Filippo Magnini who won four gold medals in the Swimming World Championships.

men in speedo - Filippo Magnini italian swimmer

Next up, hot Brazilian actor Caua Reymond.

men in speedo - hot brazilian actor Cauã Reymond

Okay, our next Speedo-wearing hunk, Italian cyclist Luca Chirico, is technically not wearing Speedo briefs but it still Speedo.

men in speedo - racing suit - Luca Chirico italian pro cyclist

Crossfit athlete Alec Smith:

Men in Speedo Briefs 2021 - alec smith - crossfit athlete

Anyone of you know the hottie below?

Men in Speedo Briefs 2021 - random male model

French swimmer Florent Manaudou poses with some fans. Did he board the plane in his skimpy swimsuit? Florent won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games and has bagged a total of seven gold medals at the World Swimming Championships.

men in speedo french swimmer florent manaudou2

Italian water polo player Francesco Di Fulvio was a member of the Italian team that won the bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games.

men in speedo suit - Francesco Di Fulvio italian water polo

Italian football player Patrick Auregli:

men in speedo swimsuit - Patrick Auregli - italian football player

Brazilian football star Diego Carlos:

men in speedo trunks - diego carlos brazilian football star

And, finally, Italian football star Simone Franchini.

men in speedos italian footballer Simone Franchini

We love Mario Adrion so much we decided to include another photo of the guy. By the way, he is actually from Germany and is a male model. Apparently, he visited the US for fashion week but decided to also try his luck as a singer and auditioned for American Idol.

men in speedo - Mario Adrion american idol2

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