Men in Short Shorts: Beach Wear Edition

Men in Short Shorts: Beach Wear Edition. Of course, we ain’t only just interested in men wearing Speedos when it comes to appreciating (aka ogling) beach hunks. We appreciate guys who rock their swim shorts too. So we made this photo list of male models and celebrities who brought their swim shorts game to the beach (or the swimming pool).

Let’s start our list with British supermodel Oliver Cheshire who appeared in campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein, Jack Wills, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Orlebar Brown, Stella McCartney, Missoni, Hackett, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., Vivienne Westwood, Gap Inc., Marks and Spencer, and many others. He must have made lots of money from these campaigns, no?

men in shorts 2021 - swim shorts - oliver_cheshire

Next in our list is one of our favorite actors ever, Tom Hopper, who we first fell in love with in the BBC show Merlin. He currently stars in The Umbrella Academy but the show’s powers-that-be committed the unforgivable sin of making him less desirable by putting putting him in a monkey suit. Hehe. So we are happy to note that he is starring in an upcoming rom-com called Love in the Villa where the world gets to see and appreciate our Tom’s total gorgeousness. Check it out on Netflix come 1 September.

men in shorts 2021 beach edition - tom hopper

Damn, our imaginary beau Marcel Gonzalez (@glezmarcel) looks so happy to be in the beach. With the heatwave and all, we’d be happy to be enjoying the beach with him too.

men in shorts 2021 - beach boys - marcel gonzalez @glezmarcel for desiderio beachwear

Damn, triple threat hunk — he’s a dancer, model, and actor — Anton Engel (@antonengel) sure got some great abs.

men in shorts 2021 at the beach - anton engel @antonengel

Model Wyatt Engeman has perfected the art of staring into your soul. Hehe.

men in shorts 2021 - beach hunks - Wyatt Engeman

Edward Wilding is the kind of guy we want to live in our dreams. Yeah, we are in the middle of watching The Sandman on Netflix.

men in shorts 2021 - swim shorts - edwardwilding2

Taiwanese singer and actor Todd Lien (@toddlien_official) has abs that are sculpted to perfection.

men in shorts 2021 beach edition - Todd Lien - taiwanese singer actor toddlien_official

Nice smile, Alex Sewall. Nice, above the knee swim shorts too!

men in shorts 2021 beach edition - alex sewall

Italian swimmer Alex DiGiorgio lives up to his family name which we are ignorantly assuming means The Gorgeous. Are we correct in this assumption? No?

men in short shorts - alex digiorgio italian swimmer

Edward Kim (itseddymoov) needs a companion at the beach and we are shamelessly recommending ourselves.

men in short shorts - itseddysmoov

Awww, we like the smile of this guy. We like his red short shorts too which is a throwback to our Baywatching days.

men in shorts 2021 at the beach - lifeguard maybe

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