Hot Gynecologist: Dr. Manuel Rico – Spanish Gynecologist-in-Training

dr manuel rico modeling underwear - calvin klein boxer briefs

Hot Gynecologist in Training – Dr. Manuel Rico. Time for another post on male models wearing Calvin Klein underwear. But Manuel Rico ain’t no ordinary male model. He is actually a doctor from Spain who — in 2013 — was training to be a gynecologist. Maybe his training is finished now or maybe not. Sorry, we don’t know. Haha.

Noah Centineo Underwear Model, Chase Austin Kiss, Shirtless Photos

Noah Centineo Underwear Model, Chase Austin Kiss, Shirtless Photos. Huh, we thought we already wrote about Noah Centineo when all the girls (and some boys) are going gaga over him following the release of the Netflix hit movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before but, apparently, we did not. Well, it’s better late than never, no?

Besides, if we wrote this post earlier, we would not have these photos of the 23 year old actor posing in Calvin Klein boxer briefs underwear.

noah centineo underwear ck boxer briefs

James Rodriguez Calvin Klein Underwear Model

James Rodriguez Calvin Klein Underwear Model. While we were not looking, our imaginary Colombian boyfriend got himself a gig as a Calvin Klein model and boy are we a little bit jealous. We’re joking, of course, because we got no right to be jealous but, damn, we can’t believe we missed these photos of our imaginary beau rocking his Calvin Kleins. Stretch, baby, stretch!

james rodriguez calvin klein underwear2

Ryan Lochte in Calvin Klein Underwear? Yes, Please!

ryan lochte in calvin klein underwear

RYAN LOCHTE IN CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR. Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte is reportedly going to be modeling for Calvin Klein. My friend Deena approves and wants Ryan to also sign up with PETA’s campaigns. You know, those campaigns where totally naked models walk around the streets protesting against the use of fur and stuff. Anyways, Deena and I are looking forward to Ryan posing in his Calvin Kleins.