Gavin Henson Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Gay or Girlfriend?

gavin henson underwear calvin klein white boxer shorts

Gavin Henson Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Gay or Girlfriend?. Who says you can’t be grimy and hot at the same time? Not rugby player and Strictly Come Dancing star Gavin Henson who, despite all that mud on his body, is looking quite delectable in his Calvin Klein boxers underwear. Hehe.

Mehcad Brooks Girlfriend, CK Underwear Model, Shirtless Photos

mehcad brooks calvin klein boxer briefs

Mehcad Brooks Girlfriend, CK Underwear Model, Shirtless Photos. So, ten years later, how is Mehcad Brooks doing now? Well, our Calvin Klein underwear male model is a very busy man. He is one of the regulars of Supergirl on The CW where he plays one of the lead characters, James Olsen/Guardian. The series has aired for five seasons already and was recently renewed for a sixth season.

Calum Best Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend?

calum best shirtless and underwear

Calum Best Shirtless Photos. We’ve seen his hair transplant [see Calum Best Hair Transplant], now let’s check out some Calum Best shirtless photos. Of course, we will also be checking out his famous tattoos. Why are we doing this you ask? Because the British reality star is back on television but, this time, he is appearing on U.S. TV as one of the cast of the E! reality show Famously Single. Anyhoo, here are some Calum Best shirtless pics by Robert Wilson (courtesy of Times UK and Getty Images).

Ryan Kwanten Underwear: Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs and Boxer Shorts

ryan kwanten underwear boxer shorts

Ryan Kwanten Underwear: Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs and Boxer Shorts. We’ve seen him in his faded blue Mavi jeans, now let’s check out True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten in his Calvin Klein underwear. Okay, we gotta admit that we’re not 100% sure if this pic is the real deal or if it is photoshopped (notice that the head is kinda small for the neck).

Michael B Jordan Gay or Straight? Underwear and Shirtless Photos

michael b jordan underwear - calvin klein

Michael B. Jordan Underwear. Look who’s wearing Calvin Klein underwear under his Nike shorts? It’s 28-year-old actor Michael B. Jordan. But he’s not all about Calvin Kleins though. He also loves him his Ellen underwear. Here’s a photo of him wearing Ellen boxer briefs which he tweeted to his followers after guesting on the Ellen Show.

Hot Gynecologist: Dr. Manuel Rico – Spanish Gynecologist-in-Training

dr manuel rico modeling underwear - calvin klein boxer briefs

Hot Gynecologist in Training – Dr. Manuel Rico. Time for another post on male models wearing Calvin Klein underwear. But Manuel Rico ain’t no ordinary male model. He is actually a doctor from Spain who — in 2013 — was training to be a gynecologist. Maybe his training is finished now or maybe not. Sorry, we don’t know. Haha.