Andrew Hayden-Smith Boyfriend: Actor in White Briefs Underwear

Andrew Hayden-Smith underwear

Andrew Hayden-Smith Boyfriend: Actor in White Briefs Underwear. Look who’s awesome in his white briefs underwear? It’s British television host and actor Andrew Hayden-Smith. The 31-year-old cutie will be appearing in two of the more controversial TV shows these days, Channel 4’s Banana and Cucumber. Doesn’t he look fabulous in his tighty whities?

Hamish Macdonald Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend

hamish macdonald underwear briefs - ck

Hamish Macdonald Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend. As if we need more proof that Australian men most comfortable when it comes to walking around in their underwear, here’s broadcast journalist proving the point. There are tons of questions we’d like to ask Hamish while we ogle at his photos below. Of course, the obvious one is, why is he in his underwear? Is he doing a live on-air report but where is his microphone?

Finn Wittrock Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend

finn wittrock underwear workout

Finn Wittrock Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend. Huh, for the longest time, we always thought of Finn as an Australian but we just found out today that he’s actually American. Now, why did we mistakenly think he’s an Aussie? Hmmm, maybe because we first became aware of the guy when we saw photos of him and other dudes floating off the Australian coast in the Angelina Jolie movie Unbroken?

Michele Morrone Underwear, Speedo, Smoking Gorgeous Italian Hunk

Michele Morrone underwear by versace

Michele Morrone Underwear, Speedo, Smoking Gorgeous Italian Hunk. Damn, it seems like we are missing something by not watching the Polish movie 365 Days. We’ve seen it appear on the Netflix user interface but haven’t bothered clicking on the movie because it kinda looked like a generic love story. It also has a really bad rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics and audience members agreeing about its badness (0 among critics and 30% among the audience) so we’re like, “Eh, we’re not gonna watch it.”

Elvis Presley Underwear: Boxers or Briefs?

elvis presley underwear in army

Elvis Presley Underwear in the Army. Here are more underwear photos of the rock and roll king taken when he enlisted as a soldier in the army. Apparently, according to, the different branches of the U.S. Armed Forces vied against each other by offering incentives to Elvis to join their ranks. The singer, who was already famous at the time, declined the juicy offers and enlisted instead like an ordinary citizen and served as a private. Mad respect to the guy. We hope celebrities these days follow his example. He served for two years from March 1958 to March 1960.