Jordan Dean Shirtless Ginger, Girlfriend, Prince Harry Movie

jordan dean shirtless in american psycho

Jordan Dean Shirtless Ginger, Girlfriend, Prince Harry Movie. Okay, RoyaltyWatchers, who among you are counting the days before Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace premieres on the Lifetime channel? Well, we most certainly are! We so are looking forward to watching the TV movie. Will there be any interesting revelations that were not covered by the press? Will the actors who play Meghan and Harry do them justice? And, most importantly, we are curious to know how the press across the pond and the British royal family itself will respond to the movie.

Aaron Tveit Shirtless, Girlfriend, and Boxer Shorts

aaron tveit boxer shorts underwear

Aaron Tveit Shirtless, Girlfriend, and Boxer Shorts Photos (20 December 2016). Half a decade later, we are updating this post to note that Aaron has gone public with his girlfriend. Her name is Ericka Hunter. Like her beau, she’s also in the acting biz. Oh, and she’s Canadian.

Sebastian Stan Shirtless, Girlfriend, and LGBT Roles

sebastian stan boxers and socks2

Sebastian Stan Underwear, Shirtless, and Other Stuff. When was the first time you fell in love with Sebastian Stan? For us, it would be two years ago when we were watching Captain America: The First Avenger and he appeared onscreen in his military uniform. Yeah, we are suckers for hot guys in uniform. Sadly, while we were enjoying the movie, the producers (okay, the scriptwriters) had to be killjoys and had Sebastian (okay his character James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes) killed by having him fall from a cliff in some freezing Swiss mountain.

Wyatt Russell Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

wyatt russell underwear boxer shorts

Wyatt Russell Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. You think Jack Quaid is the only celebrity scion out there making a name for himself? Most definitely not! In fact, here are tons of them, Virginia. Let us add Wyatt Russell to the list and, apparently, he’s been in the acting biz since 1996 when he did an uncredited role as an orphan boy in the movie Escape from L.A. Now, Wyatt is playing the biggest role of his life — as Captain America in the TV series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Ain’t that cool?