Men in Blue Jeans: Actors, Athletes, Singers, and Male Models

Men in Blue Jeans: Actors, Athletes, Singers, and Male Models. We are updating this post to bring you more hot men in blue jeans. Let’s begin our updated list with British boxer Amir Khan who, at one time, modeled for Pepe Jeans Pakistan.

men in blue jeans - Amir Khan for Pepe Jeans Pakistan

British male model Harvey Newton Haydon in Diesel jeans.

men in blue jeans - harvey newton haydon

A shirtless Jared Padalecki looks good in jeans.

men in blue jeans - jared padalecki

Singer Shawn Mendes can give ’em male models a run for their modeling money.

men in blue jeans - shawn mendes

Our friend Kevin’s favorite adult actor, Vadim Black.

men in blue jeans - vadim black

Richard Pierce is shirtless in blue jeans.

men in blue jeans - richard pierce


Gorgeous Guy in Blue Jeans: Marx Malachi in his blue denims is hotter than Zac Efron in his skinny-tight jeans. You agree, right? Of course you do. By the way, skinny jeans may not be good for your health because it messes with your blood circulation and, according to researchers, you could develop something called the tingling thigh syndrome.

marx malachi

So, to keep your blood flowing, don’t overuse them skinny jeans. Better yet, follow Marx’s example and keep your button unbuttoned. You know, kind of like Akshay Kumar’s Levi’s 501.

hot men in blue jeans

Marx Malachi and Reese Rideout: Guys With Washboard Abs
13 November 2009

We’ve seen him in his blue jeans as well as in his jockstrap underwear, now here’s Canadian “male model” looking so adorable looking up to fellow “male model” Reese Rideout. They look good together, eh? Now, let’s look at them six-pack muscles of these two men? Beautiful. Just beautiful washboard abs. Maybe they’ve been working out together, huh? Marx’s washboard abs after the jump.


Men’s Sleepwear: Pajama Pants for Reese Rideout – Male Fashion Watch

05 November 2009

So what have we seen so far in our male fashion watching? Well, friends, we’ve seen men in very utilitarian cargo pants, in long johns, in camouflage pants trousers, and in various kinds of underwear.

But we’ve never seen them dressed in thin and almost revealing pants getting doused under the shower, have we? Actually we think we’ve already seen them getting wet and all that stuff but we need an excuse to post this awesome and totally droolworthy photo of Reese Rideout taking a shower in what looks like a pair of pajama pants.

Nice and sexy, Reese. But didn’t your mom tell you when you were a kid that pajamas are for sleeping and not for showering? Next time you go shower, you should get rid of them pajamas. Okay.

Men in Blue Jeans: Actors, Athletes, Singers, and Male Models. Posted 1 September 2009. Updated 30 November 2017.