Melissa McCarthy Plus Size Fashion Style

Melissa McCarthy Plus Size Fashion Style. Melissa McCarthy has been working in the biz since 2007 but her “star wattage” exploded and really shone bright these past few years when she starred in box office hits such as Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, and The Heat.

Now, Melissa is a red carpet regular who gets asked fashion questions like Joan River’s iconic, “Who are you wearing?”

Well, we tracked down “who” Melissa wore to red carpet events and we’re ranking her outfits from the ones we love, love, love to the ones that are kinda okay to the ones we do not like at all.

So let’s check out Melissa McCarthy’s red carpet dresses, shall we?


1. Self-designed gown with Daniela Kurrle. This is our favoritest red carpet look from one of our favorite actresses!!! We were amazed to find out that Melissa designed this dress herself. She sure has some talent in fashion design, no? She’s reportedly coming out with a Melissa McCarthy plus size clothing label which our friend Deena is looking forward to.


2. Marchesa dress to the 2014 Emmy Awards.

melissa mccarthy fashion style - marchesa dress- 2014 emmys

3. Eloquii dress to CinemaCon 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We love, love, love this because it shows her curves. [Want more sexy curvy plus size dresses?]

Melissa-McCarthy-Eloquii-dress - CinemaCon 2014 - Nevada - The Big Picture presentation


4. Calvin Klein ensemble. Nice!

melissa mccarthy fashion - calvin klein ensemble

5. Self-designed gown with Daniela Kurrle. Worn at the 2011 Emmy Awards.

melissa mccarthy self designed gown with daniela kurrle - 2011 emmys

6. Maria Rinaldi ensemble.

melissa mccarthy fashion style - maria rinaldi

7. David Meister gown. Worn to the 2012 Critics Choice Awards.

melissa mccarthy plus size fashion - david meister -  2012 Critics Choice Awards


8. Suzi Chin Blouson dress at the L.A. premiere of The Help (2011).

melissa mccarthy plus size dresses - water colour print Suzi Chin blouson dress - the help premiere la 2011

9. David Meister dress at the 2013 Oscar Awards. This really does not fit her well, does it?

melissa mccarthy plus size fashion - david meister - oscars 2013

10. Maria Rinaldi dress at the 2012 Oscar Awards. Another ill-fitting dress which does  a disservice to the Academy-Award nominated actress.

melissa mccarthy red carpet fashion - maria rinaldi dress - ocsars 2012

So which of these Melissa McCarthy red carpet looks is your favorite? Do you agree with our ranking? How would you compare her fashion style to that of Oprah? And, are you looking forward to the launch of the Melissa McCarthy plus size clothing label? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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