Mehmet Akif Alakurt Shirtless Photos

Mehmet Akif Alakurt Shirtless: Turkish Model Actor is a Hot Hunk. For those of you who are like, “Who’s that gorgeous guy in fur and tank tops”, allow us to introduce you to Turkish male model Mehmet Akif Alakurt.

mehmet akif alakurt wearing fur

mehmet akif alakurt fashion style

He sure is gorgeous isn’t he? Akif won several modeling awards in Turkey (Best Model of Turkey) and the world (Best Model of the World) before – like Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum in the U.S. – he turned to acting. Want more Turkish hunks?

mehmet akif alakurt hot body

mehmet akif alakurt hot fashion

Mehmet Akif Alakurt Shirtless Photos Update. Some of you are looking for shirtless photos as well as underwear photos of of our hot Mehmet Akif. Fortunately for you, we have these shirtless pics of our hot Turkish stud of a guy. Unfortunately for you, we can’t find any underwear photos of our handsome hunk. Here’s our first Mehmet Akif Alakurt shirtless pic. It’s from one of his television roles.

mehmet akif alakurt shirtless body

Wait, there’s more!

mehmet akif alakurt shirtless

mehmet akif alakurt shirtless modeling

And there’s still more. This is probably our favorite picture of our stunning Turkish stud. Who wouldn’t want to get drenched in the shower with this hottie?

mehmet akif alakurt shirtless and wet

As we mentioned above we can’t find any underwear photos of our Mehmet as he obviously isn’t the underwear-posing kind of guy. But here’s Mehmet going for a swim in his swim-shorts. Nice, huh? You can thank us in the comments. Hehe.
mehmet akif alakurt shirtless in shorts

That’s the closest thing to an underwear photo we have but who needs underwear pics when he can melt us anyway with these pictures of him and his dog, right? Awww, how sweet. We here at Famewatcher are not really what you would call a dog person but you got to have a stone cold heart not to be touched by this photo [via]

mehmet akif alakurt hot dog

By the by, some of you are wondering whether Mehmet is in a relationship (googling questions like “mehmet akif alakurt is he married?” or “does mehmet alakurt have a girlfriend”). Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer. Hopefully some Famewatcher who is more familiar with Turkish celebrities will help us with the answer via the comment section.

But before we end this post, here are some trivia and personal information on our Turkish hunk that some of you should find interesting. Like us here at Famewatcher, he apparently likes The Simpsons. Yay!

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