Maxi Maternity Dress and Stylish Designer Pregnancy Clothes

Maxi Maternity Dress: Nicole Richie’s Pea in the Pod (posted 14 September 2010, updated). Time for another post about celebrity maternity clothes with these pregnancy photos of American socialite, fashion designer, and TV personality Nicole Richie. She’s wearing two fabulous maternity dresses from Pea in the Pod.

For other celebrities seen wearing this label, check out Jennifer Lopez’s Pea in the Pod Maternity Dress in The Backup Plan. Better yet, check out our posts on Celebrity Maternity Clothes.

Maxi Maternity Dress comfort and style pea in the pod

maxi maternity dress nicole richie pea in the pod

Maternity Shirts: Camila Alves Wears Falling in Love Shirt by Paulina (09 September 2010). Let’s have more female celebrities and their maternity clothes. Camila Alves is the picture of a happy mom, isn’t she? We love how she’s carrying her kid like that and we love her fabulous maternity shirt – Falling in Love by Paulina.

Maxi Maternity Dress paulina

Maxi Maternity Dress and Stylish Designer Pregnancy Clothes (posted 2 September 2010). The Real Housewives of NYC’s Bethenny Frankel, seen here with husband Jason Hoppy, rocks her Nuka Elle Maxi maternity dress a few weeks after giving birth to their firstborn, Bryn Casey.

Maxi Maternity Dress bethenny frankel nuka

Way to go, Bethenny!

nuka elle Maxi Maternity Dress

Cutest Pregnancy Dress Ever: Andrea McLean (23 August 2010). This has got to be the cutest maternity dress ever. Who says women can’t be fashionable when they’re pregnant? No way, Jose! Props to former GMTV weather girl and now Loose Women lead anchor Andrea McLean for pulling if off. You go, girl!

Maxi Maternity Dress andrea mclean

Stylish Maternity Clothes By Christian Siriano (19 December 2009). As we’ve been telling our young preggy friends, just because they are pregnant does not mean that they should forget about dressing well and being stylish. Or, as Deena would say, fashion does not go out the window just because you’ve got a baby kicking your stomach. We’d like to think that Christian Siriano was thinking the same thing when she designed the maternity dresses above.

maxi maternity dress by christian siriano

Anyhoo, here’s Christian talking about his maternity line in an interview with

Why did you want to do another maternity collection?
Just doing Fall was not really enough for people to understand what you can wear to be fabulous when you’re pregnant. I think doing the second collection for Spring was just a given. You kind of need it because Fall and Spring are very different and people want different things.

What is it that you enjoy about designing maternity wear?
I think what’s probably exciting for me is that it’s very different and it’s a challenge. It’s more about making it really, really wearable and accessible and still really comfortable because that’s 180 percent opposite of what I do in my [other] collection. It’s so different. When we design my [other] collection I think of fantasy first and I think of gowns and sculpture and shapes and it’s really about that and it kind of trickles down. With this, I start basic. Women who are pregnant, when they shop, they think about different things than when my customer shops. It’s a different design process all around.

What’s the one must-have maternity item for women?
From season to season it will be a bit different but I think for us, we do great jersey pieces in the collection, like a great T-shirt. You have to have it. [Also] I think a great signature party dress. Not every brand does sweet, fun party dresses like this. When you’re pregnant you still do the same things that you would normally do. It’s when you have the baby that your life changes more. When you’re pregnant you still have the same girlfriends, you still go to events, go to parties, have baby showers, weddings, so many things you still do and what do you wear to them?

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