Max Greenfield Shirtless, Underwear, and Speedo Photos

Max Greenfield Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo, and Gay Kisses. Look who’s looking good in his red Speedo swimsuit? It’s our imaginary TV Jewish boyfriend, the talented Max Greenfield. He looks pretty comfortable in it too unlike some guy we know who only wears beach shorts when we go swimming at the beach (hello Kevin).

max greenfield shirtless in speedo

If she’s a girl, will Max be able to give Kim K. a run for her money?

max greenfield backside - red speedo

Woohoo. Our boyfriend’s got a bubble you-know-what. And he’s as proud of it as them Kardashians. Hehe. We think he goes by the “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” motto.

Is he going to be arrested for public indecency? Come on, Mr. Policeman, there is nothing indecent about guys walking around in public in their Speedos!

max greenfield - red speedo

Where you off to, cowboy?

Max Greenfield Shirtless in New Girl. Now, if you’ve been watching Max’s New Girl, this is not the first time he stripped off his clothes. For instance, check him out crawling around some board room table in a pair of black boxer briefs.

max greenfield underwear - black boxers

What would you do if, someone as cute as Max is posing like this in your office? Your choices: a) call the police, b) practice your wrestling skills and wrestle him to submission, c) strip off your own clothes and have fun with him, and d) simply ask him whether the watch he’s wearing is a Rolex? What would you do?

max greenfield new girl black briefs

Max Greenfield Gay or Straight? Is Max Greenfield gay? He’s not gay in real life (he’s married to Tess Sanchez with whom he has one daughter) but he’s played some gay characters and gotten kissy-kissy with his male co-stars.

Here’s Max with Adam Pally in Happy Endings. Sadly, this scene was reportedly cut off and was not shown on TV.

max greenfield gay kiss with adam pally in happy endings

And here’s our Max getting it on with Paul James in the comedy-drama Greek.

max greenfield gay kiss with paul james in greek

When asked about who between Paul James and Adam Pally is the better kisser, here’s what our Max’s answer:
After Elton: So who’s a better kisser? Paul James or Adam Pally? You’re on the spot and you have to give me an answer.

MG: I’ll give you an answer. I’m going to go Paul James. I love Adam dearly, I don’t feel like he fully committed. But here’s the thing, it’s weird, one of them is a one-hour and the other one’s a half-hour and you don’t see a lot of full on kissing in general in half-hours so I think Paul gave me more than Adam did. Maybe if we were doing a one-hour Adam would have given more, although I doubt it.

After Elton: I’m going to talk to Adam on Saturday and I’m going to tell him.

MG: You can tell him I said it. I think he’ll go along with it. He was an okay kisser although here’s another reason why Paul’s a little better because Adam goes a little scruff in the show and I’m not into it. That’s not for me. I like them clean-shaven.
Which brings us to the question: Do you like your guy clean shaven or do you like kissing someone with a “little scruff”? Do tell us what you prefer in the comments.

Max Greenfield Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo, and Gay Kisses. Posted 21 January 2013.