Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend: Kelly Hall, Cheerleader

Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend: Kelly Hall, Cheerleader. You’ve already met NFL footballer Matthew Stafford, the new Detroit Lions quarterback. Now, let’s meet his girlfriend, Kelly Hall. Kelly is (was?) a cheerleader for the University of Georgia where Matthew attended college.

Here’s Kelly in her cheerleading outfit.

matthew stafford girlfriend

Speaking of football girlfriends, did you know that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is dating blogger Julia Allison? Here’s an earlier post we wrote about the two:

Jay Cutler Girlfriend: Julia Allison, Blogger?. It’s not confirmed yet whether blogger/internet celebrity/journalist Julia Allison is the girlfriend of new Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler but the two have been spotted at Club Sub51 in Chicago.

jay cutler girlfriend julia allison

Says a spy who saw them: “He was sitting in a banquette and she was standing between his thighs, touching them and facing him.”

What? She’s just touching his thighs? What a missed opportunity, Julia! Next time you should grab his ball.

jay cutler girlfriend

For another football girlfriend, check out Mark Sanchez and Hilary Rhoda.


UPDATE: Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall: Going Strong

A year after we wrote the above post, Matthew and Kelly continue to rock each other’s boat. Here’s the NFL quarterback with his girl during some boat party.

matt stafford girlfriend kelly hall

Man, that must be the brightest bikini swimsuit we’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s Matt and Kelly’s strategy to ward off the evil eye because you can’t stare at them two-piece without getting blinded by its neon brightness. Haha.

Matthew Stafford Girlfriend Kelly Hall and Jay Cutler Girlfriend Julia Allison
. Posted 10 August 2009.