Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant: Then and Now

Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant. Okay Famewatchers who are into male celebrity hair transplants, here’s another Hollywood hunk to add to your list of celebs who have had something done to their crowning glory. It’s ladies’ man Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant Proof

Front and side views showing some Matthew McConaughey hair transplant which does improve his looks.

Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant Then and Now

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Others who’ve been featured earlier in this blog: Mel Gibson, Jude Law, David Beckham, Edward Norton, Kevin Costner and many more. You know who we’d love to see have a hair transplant? Well, its the future king Himself, see Prince William Hair Transplant.

Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant Update. Back in 2003, Mathew McConaughey revealed in an interview with People Magazine that he uses a hair product which brought back his hair. From People:

“Last week McConaughey discussed the fact that he has been using a non-prescription treatment for hiss thinning hair, and he has come to believe that, as the manufacturer claimed, his hair shafts have grown in thicker and stronger.

“McConaughey, 33, says he’s happy with his discovery–to the point of caution. `You overuse this stuff you may have a unibrow.'”

So what is this miracle product that can apparently grow back thinning hair? Well, in a separate interview with David Letterman, Matthew revealed that he uses a topical product called Regenex which he credits for giving him back his hair.

So do you think his thicker hair is the result of this product and not a hair transplant at all?

Dr. Alan Bauman, a hair restoration expert, is skeptical that a hair transplant didn’t “solve” Matthew’s hair issues. Here’s what he says on the matter:

“Matthew’s hair has been on the rebound for a while now. Publicly, to my knowledge, he’s denied surgical intervention and equates the regrowth to a magical topical potion. However, physicians will agree, nothing grows hair on bald skin except hair transplantation.

Even Propecia, which works 90% of the time, is designed for the long haul… keeping the hair you have, NOT re-growth of the hairline. Contrary to popular opinion, today’s hair transplant procedures can be performed comfortably, reliably and efficiently. Not to mention, undetectably. This means that the transplanted hairlines of today, if performed with an “artistic eye,” can mimic the feathery, wavy randomized look of a natural hairline—(i.e. NOT ‘pluggy’). And because the transplanted hair is living and growing (also permanent, by the way), he can shampoo, wash, cut, swim, etc., all without the hassle and maintenance of a hairpiece—which would be an artificial solution to the hair loss problem.

Advanced minimally-invasive techniques, like the FUE (Follicular-Unit Extraction) performed with devices like the NeoGraft, also allow for procedures that require no scalpel, no stitches and leave no linear scar give hair transplant patients more options for hair-styling. FUE procedures allow the surgeon to extract hair follicles or groups of follicles individually, without a linear harvest.”

So there, good for the baldies that medical science is improving the techniques to hair restoration. Wondering how much a hair transplant would cost? British TV doctor Dr. Christian Jessen reportedly paid 4,000 GBP which is pretty steep in our book.

As hair transplant procedures advance, we hope they also become more affordable so ordinary people like us will benefit from these improvements too.

Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant Photos. For those of you looking for before and after hair restoration photos of our Matt.

matthew mcconaughey baldness treatment

matthew mcconaughey hair transformation over time

matthew mcconaughey hair transplant before and after

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