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Matt Smith Shirtless and Awards Update. For some reason, we thought Matt has already won an Academy or one of the big awards like a Primetime Emmy or a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award but, apparently, he has not. We hope he does not become the male version of Glenn Close who, despite her tremendous talent, keeps being snubbed during the Oscars ceremony.

matt smith awards - best actor doctor who - national tv awards

To date, the actor has won four acting awards two of which are from the National Television Awards for his performance in Doctor Who. He’s also been nominated for a Primetime Emmy and two SAGs for his amazing performance as Prince Phillip in The Crown.

matt smith prince phillip

Matt Smith Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Of course, we ain’t doing no update without adding more shirtless pics of our British actor for the thirsty heaux of Famewatcher. The images are screencapped from some of his many movies: The Womb, The Crown, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Mapplethorpe, Morbius, and How to Catch a Monster.

matt smith underwear in womb2

matt smith shirtless in the crown

matt smith shirtless in secret diary of a call girl

matt smith underwear in womb

matt smith shirtless in mapplethorpe

matt smith shirtless in morbius

matt smith shirtless in How To Catch A Monster

He looks good shirtless but he also looks good when he’s fully clothed in suit and tie.

matt smith male model - face of paul smith campaign

Matt Smith Gay or Straight? (7 November 2016). Because the British actor has done some LGBT roles in the past, some fans are assuming that he is a friend of Dorothy in real life. Their assumption is wrong because our Matt is actually straight. Oh, and he’s got girlfriend too.

But before we talk about his girlfriend, let us first check out said LGBT roles, shall we? First, here’s our Matt asĀ  Douglas Booth‘s lover in the movie Christopher and His Kind.

matt smith gay lover - christopher and his kind

Early this year, Matt was cast to play the role of gay photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. No word yet on when the movie will come out but we will keep you updated.

Matt Smith Girlfriend. For those of you wondering, Matt Smith’s girlfriend is Downton Abbey actress Lily James. Here’s a picture of the lovebirds during a red carpet event.

matt smith girlfriend 2016

Meanwhile, Matt’s previous girlfriends include Daisy Lowe (2010 – 2013), Mayana Moura (2009) and Billie Piper (2006). [2023 Update: He is reportedly dating businesswoman Caroline Brady.]

Matt Smith Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? This section is for the Famewatchers among us who wonder whether Matt wears boxers or briefs. Well, according to the next images, our Mattie is a briefs kind of guy.

Additionally, we get a glimpse of his underwear in this scene from the stage version of the movie American Psycho.

matt smith underwear - american psycho

Did you know that he also loves pink underwear? Seems like there is some truth to the report a few years ago that pink underwear is a popular color for men’s undies, no? [Want more pink underwear for men?]


We can’t find any Dr. Who Matt Smith underwear but some enterprising and creative fans of either the show or Matt (or most likely both) have created these stuff:

matt smith doctor who underwear

Let’s end this post with a Matt Smith shirtless photo, shall we? Did you know that he’s got some awesome muscles to flex? Sexy!


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