Matt Ryan Shirtless: Is Constantine Actor Gay or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Matt Ryan Shirtless Photos: Famewatchers, meet Matt Ryan the actor (not the football quarterback)! He is 33 years old. He’s been acting since 2001. He is from Swansea in Wales. And he is the star of the new television series, Constantine on NBC.

matt ryan as constantine

Those of you looking for our Welsh hunk’s shirtless photos will be disappointed to know that there’s not a lot out there. But here’s one from the psychological thriller, Armistice, where our Matt plays the role of a World War I soldier.

matt ryan shirtless in armistice

And here’s another Matt Ryan shirtless screencap from the 2007 movie, Blood Monkey. The movie was heavily panned by critics but we gotta thank it for giving us a shirtless Matt. [For more shirtless Welsh actors, check out Ioan Gruffudd in His Underwear.]

matt ryan shirtless photo in blood monkey movie2

We hope Constantine will give us more, better quality, shirtless photo. If that happens, we will be updating this post to bring them to ya. For the time being, here’s an excerpt from a Superherohype interview with Matt where he talks about how he was cast for the role:

SHH: How did the role come to you? Were they looking for a type and going out to blonde, British actors?
Ryan: Well, I was doing a Shakespeare play. I was doing “Henry V” in the West End with Jude Law, with long hair and a big beard. I was dark as well. I dyed my hair. It’s naturally dark, but the role came up and I went in for an audition in London.

Then they liked me but they were like, “Look, he’s got really long hair. Can he cut the hair?” I was like, “I can’t because I’m doing a play.” So I’d get another tip, another tip, another tip. There were some people who couldn’t see through the beard and the hair but Daniel and David really liked me. Then eventually when the play finished, I cut off the hair. The play finished on a Saturday. We had a party on the Saturday night and I jumped on a plane in the morning, flew over.

I think it was a holiday that day, so I had a friend of mine call his hairdresser friend. He came over, cut my hair off, and then I went in the next day, tested, and then got the job. It was a long process, they saw a lot of people for it, but I was over the moon when I got it. It’s such an awesome character.

SHH: Why did you want it so badly, having not been so familiar with the comic books?

Ryan: My best friend, one of my great friends, he’s such a comic book fan that he has his own comic book company now called Improper Books, and he writes his own comics. He’d been telling me about John Constantine for years so I’d heard a little bit about it. Then he sat me down before I had the audition and was like, “This is what John is like.” Gave me the whole low down on it.

He actually gave me a comic before I did the audition and I kind of scanned it, but I didn’t have much time before the audition and I was doing a play, so I did as much as I could. Once I started to read those comics and hear the depth, when you look online and you see the synopsis of the character, you do as much research into a role as possible and he really seemed like someone who was multi-faceted and three dimensional. Someone who’s tortured but has this amazing, cynical British ironic wit.

That’s a really interesting thing to play, and also he’s a con man. He’s a quick-witted con man who will stick the middle finger up to the Devil as he’s making his way back up from hell. That sh*t’s cool. So yeah, I want to do that. And the fact that he’s dark and he walks around with all this guilt and the weight of the world on his shoulders as well. It’s got everything. It’s really fun and awesome to play for an actor.

– – – – –

By the by, there is some controversy about the “heterosexualization” of Constantine on the NBC show. The character is bisexual in the comics but, for whatever reason, the NBC powers-that-be decided to make him a straight guy. So those of you who are looking forward to seeing Matt Ryan make out with a dude will have to look for the hard to find BBC TV movie, Consenting Adults, where he plays a gay guy.

Is Matt Ryan Gay or Does He Have a Girlfriend? We don’t know the answer to both questions. Would you really want the answer or do you agree with a certain John Smith who had this to say on Yahoo Answers: “WHY DO YOU CARE??? Let celebrities live their lives. What does it matter? Things are no different whether he’s dating or married.”

Hehehe. Want more Welsh hunks?