Matt Neustadt Shirtless Farmer Wants a Wife

Matt Neustadt Shirtless Farmer Wants a Wife (2020 Update). Hah! Finally, we found the reason why Matt Neustadt’s show failed in finding him a wife.

Apparently, having your dating life televised did not help Matt and Brooke move their relationship forward. Says Brooke in an interview with “And with all the public excitement it did not give us much time for any ‘normal’ dating. We currently aren’t in touch, but I wish him the best.”

Of course, there was also the matter of adjusting to a new place and a new way of life for the supposed wife-to-be. Says Matt: “The move was pretty hard on her. I think it was just a little more stress than she could handle at the time. So she felt it was best for her to move back home.”

matt neustadt brooke ward

So what is Matt doing these days? Got a family already? Well, we do not know but, according to his LinkedIn profile, he continues to be a farmer.

matt neustadt hot shirtless farmer

Wisely, he has steered cleared of other social media which has become the most toxic place on the internets these days.

matt neustadt shirtless farmer wants a wife

He really is a good looking dude, no? He is as hot as the actors on The CW shows.

matt neustadt hot farmer

So Did Matt Neustadt Find a Wife? Is He Engaged? Or Married (15 May 2010). Some of you may be wondering what Matt Neustadt is doing now. Did he get himself a wife courtesy of the show? Well, he got himself a girl named Brooke Ward, a sales representative from Texas, who won the reality “find-a-wife” competition.

The two dated but there’s no news that they ever got engaged or had a wedding or whether they’re still an item. But getting hitched was a possibility for the two when the show ended.

Here’s what Matt said about the matter: “We just want to get to know one another off camera. We just want to try to have a normal relationship and see where things lead. I am not going to date somebody I didn’t think I would eventually like to marry.” There’s no word yet on whether Matt Neustadt and Brooke Ward did marry.

Matt Neustadt Shirtless Farmer Wants a Wife (29 May 2008). Famewatchers, meet Matt Neustadt of The Farmer Wants a Wife, CW reality show.

According to reports the show is doing well in the ratings and isn’t far behind the overhyped Gossip Girl. Surely, one of the reasons for the show’s success would be Matt, eh? With a body like that how can women and gays not watch his show.

Matt Neustadt Shirtless abs

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Matt Neustadt Shirtless Photos (posted 29 May 2008). Want more pictures of Matt Neustadt of the new reality hit show The Farmer Wants a Wife? Of course you do, who wouldn’t? Matt is our new reality TV boyfriend so you’ll have to bear with us if we sometimes go on and on about him. Isn’t he the hunkiest farmer in all of Farmland? We sure think he is, but feel free to send us pics of hot farmers who you think can outhunk our Matt. Hehe.

Matt Neustadt Shirtless Farmer Wants a Wife

Oh Matt, we’d like to ride your John Deere. Oh, dear!

Matt Neustadt Shirtless

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