Matt Long Young, Shirtless, Girlfriend?

Matt Long: What’s He Doing Now? Hello, Matt Long fans! Howdy do? If you’ve not been following what our Hollywood cutie has been doing since we last updated this post, then thank us because we are doing this update. Haha. Now, when we say update, we mean we’re uploading this shirtless photo of our Mattie which we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @realmattlong).

matt long shirtless

Also, if you’ve not been watching Manifest on NBC and Netflix, you should check it out because he is a regular on the show where he plays a “hiker who got trapped in a cave during a blizzard and was presumed dead for a year”. It was almost cancelled but the powers-that-be at Netflix saved it so we’ll be seeing more of Matt and Josh Dallas aka our Once Upon a Time imaginary beau.

matt long how is he now

Did you know that he starred as the young Johnny Blaze in the 2007 movie Ghost Rider? His pinky cheeks are so adorable, ain’t it?

matt long young - 2005 - johnny blaze

More photos of a young Matt Long:

matt long young and hot

matt long young

Matt Long Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend? (1 June 2017). Frat-boy turned actor Matt Long in his boxer shorts underwear. He is so gorgeous, no? In fact, we are about to call him our new imaginary boyfriend but then we found out from wikipedia that he’s already got himself a wife.¬†Oh well.

matt long underwear shirtless

By the way, the above pic is from the 2007 movie Sydney White while the next one below is from an episode of Private Practice.

matt long underwear boxer shorts - private practice good fries are hard to come by

So who is the lucky girl who tied the knot with Matt? Well, we find that out in Matt’s wikipedia entry: “Long was born in Winchester, Kentucky. He has one younger sibling, Zac. He attended Western Kentucky University where he met his wife, Lora Chaffins. He was also a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. After graduation, Long moved to New York City where he worked as an actor throughout various theaters. He now resides in Hollywood, California.”

So there you go. Belated congratulations to Matt and Lora for finding each other and eventually tying the knot. We do not have a photo of the couple at the moment but we will update this post in the future if we find some pics. Anyhoo, here’s a young Matt Long rocking in his Rogan jeans with lucky Twilight girl Kristen Stewart. Are they of the same age?

matt long kristen stewart for rogan jeans

Another Matt Long shirtless photo. Damn, ain’t he hawt. But damn he’s very much married. Hehe.

matt long shirtless

And here’s our Matt walking the hallway in his boxer shorts underoos.

matt long underwear - boxer shorts

Matt Long and Wife Lora Update: As promised, we are updating this post to bring you these photos of Matt Long and his wife Lora. The pic is from the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Award. How cute are they together? That sure is a picture of a happy couple!

matt long girlfriend wife lora chaffins

As we mentioned above, the two met in college (Western Kentucky University) and got married in 2005.

Let us end this update with this gorgeous photo Matt Long as Jack McCallister from the TV show Jack and Bobby. We were not able to watch the show but he was reportedly nominated for a Prism Award for his role as jack. Question: Do you agree with Grandma Akita that our Matt looks like an angel in this photo?

matt long leather jacket in jack and bobby

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