Matt LeBlanc Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Young and Old Matt

Matt LeBlanc Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Some of you are looking for more Matt LeBlanc underwear photos so we decided to update this post to give you what you want. Check out Matt in his boxer briefs from an episode of his funny British TV show, Episodes.

matt leblanc underwear boxer briefs in episodes

Our next Matt LeBlanc underwear photos are from Friends. This one is where he gets curious about the fabulousness of wearing women’s underwear.

matt leblanc underwear womens panty2

He shows to Lisa Kudrow that he is wearing red women’s undies.

matt leblanc underwear womens panty

Our Matt tries to prove that he is still young and cool by dressing like this — peekabo underwear and all.

matt leblanc underwear peekabo in friends

Want more male celebrity underwear?

Matt LeBlanc Grows Old, Wears Plaid Shirts (posted 16 January 2010): When do you know that you are growing old? For our friend Deena, it’s when she saw her favorite Friend actor Matt LeBlanc looking like this. OMG. The lovable Joey Tribbiani’s got gray hair now. Can our own hairs be far behind?

matt leblanc grown old

Anyhoo, check out Matt’s younger photos after the jump.

young matt leblanc

Anyone else out there who, like us, also misses Joey Tribbiani?

matt leblanc shirtless

matt leblanc young

Matt LeBlanc Shirtless Hunk (posted: 04 April 2012). We know our fellow Matt LeBlanc/Joey Tribbiani Famewatchers would like to compare what he looks like shirtless now and then so we decided to update this post to give you what you want.

Truth be told, we never viewed Matt as a sexy dude during his Friends days. Sure, he’s cute and handsome and funny but we didn’t go “Mmmmm, how sexy is that Mattie, we’d like to…..” fill in the rest.

But now that he’s older, he’s gone more appealing with age. Looking at these Matt LeBlanc shirtless photos (from his new TV show Episodes) make us go, “Hmmmm, we’d like to be in bed with this man.” Hehehe. Not that it will ever happen but we can dream, can’t we?

matt leblanc shirtless in bed

matt leblanc shirtless

matt leblanc topless

And here are some shirtless pics of Matt when he was younger. How you doin, Joey Tribbiani?

matt leblanc young shirtless

These young Matt LeBlanc shirtless photos show us his hirsuteness.

matt leblanc young man

Seems like he’s got a devilish plan in mind, no?

young matt leblanc shirtless

So which version of Matt do you like better? The young one or the older one? As we said earlier, our preference is the older one but whatever floats your boat. Hehe.

You didn’t think we’d end this post without putting up a Matt LeBlanc Underwear photo, didn’t you. Well, here you go, our Mattie in boxer briefs from an episode of his comeback TV show, Episodes. Looks like Joey Tribbiani’s still got it, no?

2020 Update: We are updating this post to bring you this photo of Matt in a pair of boxer shorts. This one’s screencapped from his CBS show, Man With a Plan. Apparently, the critics mostly gave it bad reviews when it premiered four years ago but the show is a ratings winner and is scheduled to air its fourth season this coming April

matt leblanc underwear - boxer shorts - man with a plan

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