Matt Czuchry Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

Matt Czuchry Shirtless TV Hunk: The Good Wife. Famewatchers, meet Matt Czuchry. He is from New Hampshire, a political science graduate from the College of Charleston (with honors), an accomplished college tennis player, and a recipient of the prestigious “Certified Hunk” title given by our friend Kevin’s International Hunk Certification Organization.

matt czuchry shirt off

If you’ve been watching the multi-awarded CBS drama, you would know Matt as Cary Agos for which he’s received good reviews like this one from the Times Union which is hoping, hoping, hoping that Matt will get himself an Emmy nomination:

Breaking out on his own with a start-up law firm, bonding with Alicia, and (finally!) entering into a relationship-of-sorts with Kalinda did wonders not just for Cary Agos, but also his portrayer. Czuchry skillfully showed that Cary was no longer the callow and cocky attorney of past seasons, but was now a force to be reckoned with.

We’ll keep you posted on whether the Times Union’s wish for Matt is fulfilled. Meantime here’s another shirtless Matt Czuchry photo.

matt czuchry shirtless body

Matt Czuchry Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Does our Ukrainian-American hunk wear boxers or briefs? Looks like he is a boxer shorts  kind of guy. Here’s a screencap of Matt in boxers. We’re sorry about the quality. Hehe. Want more Ukrainian Hunks?

matt czuchry underwear boxers

For some reason, this image came up in Google when we were looking for Matt’s undies. Because we were not paying attention, we thought it was him but eventually went, “Hey, this Soy underwear guy does not look like Matt at all.” Turns out that this guy is Spanish footballer Javi MartĂ­nez.

Is Matt Czuchry Gay or Straight? If he is living in Malaysia, education authorities will categorize him as gay because he is wearing a V-Neck shirt in the pic below. Remember that silly Malaysian scandal where some education official printed out the signs of “gayness”?

matt czuchry gay proof - vneck shirt

Meanwhile, if you ask the denizens of, 73% of them will say that Matt is gay. Read their gaydar rating:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Matt Czuchry: According to 308 visitors Matt Czuchry is 73% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Matt Czuchry has been voted highly gay.

We’re not surprised by the score not because we also believe that Matt is gay but because gorgeous looking guys like him tend to be voted gay for some reason.

Does Matt Have a Girlfriend? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Looks like he’s not. In an interview with Vulture Magazine back in 2011, he mentioned that he’s single. reported that he went shopping in some jewelry store and got engaged to some girl but Mediamass is a mock news website a-la The Onion so girls (and some guys) are still free to dream of snagging Matt some day.

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