Maternity Swimwear Brands: Celebrity Picks on Their Pregnancy Swimsuit

Maternity Swimwear Brands (2017 Update). Want more pregnancy bathing suits? Well let’s check out these fabulous maternity swimsuits from some designers. First, here’s a one-piece maternity “tankini” from Isabella Oliver. We must say that Isabella Oliver really deserves props for coming up with sexy and stylish maternity wear.

maternity swimwear brand isabella oliver

The next one is from Prigabelli Maternity. Unlike the two-piece swimsuits favored by the pregnant celebrities we mentioned above, this ones for those of us who’d like to cover the baby bump.

maternity swimwear brand prigabelli

Finally, here’s a stylish maternity swimsuit from Pea in the Pod. It’s kind of cool but does the model look like a green bumble bee? It would be more fun if they used yellow instead of green, no?

maternity swimwear pea in a pod

Which of the three maternity swimwear brands is your favorite? We like the Isabella Oliver one the best!


Maternity Swimwear: Celebrity Edition (posted 13 July 2010). Is swimming a good exercise for pregnant women? You bet it is. In fact, swimming is highly recommended by the American Pregnancy Association. Here’s what the association says in its website: “Many health care providers and fitness professionals say swimming is the safest exercise for pregnant women. Swimming keeps your body toned without adding weight and stress to your joints. When swimming you are raising your heart rate and enjoying a safe cardiovascular exercise that is not likely to cause overheating.

So go ahead and swim even if you are pregnant. It is a great cardiovascular workout that doesn’t put pressure on your joints and ligaments. But you should avoid scuba diving or water skiing.

Okay, now that we’ve established that swimming is good for you, the next important question for the fashion conscious among us would be the best kind of swimsuit for pregnant girls would be. We say, you should wear whatever is comfortable for you but you might want to check out what these pregnant celebrities are wearing. [Note: The following is a compilation of individual posts we published in the past few years.]

maternity swimwear natalie cassidy

Natalie Cassidy in Polka Dot Bikini Swimwear for Pregnant Ladies: Today in celebrity maternity fashion, here’s seven-month pregnant Natalie Cassidy looking really happy in her M&S polka-dot bikini. We love, love, love these photos. She radiates happiness so we can’t help but smile ourselves and think, “All is right in the world when pregnant women can enjoy themselves in the sun and sand.” You agree, right? There’s just something very positive and joyful about these photos.

pregnancy bikini natalie cassidy

Alanis Morisette’s Maternity Swimwear: What kind of swimsuit should pregnant women wear? Well, they can wear pretty much anything that non-pregnant women wear. As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing then you should go for it. Like, you know, the very pregnant Alanis Morrisette who is rocking her two-piece bikini swimsuit.

maternity swimwear for pregnant girls

maternity swimwear two piece bikini

How sweet are these two? By the by, that’s Alanis’ husband Mario Treadway.

pregnancy bikini alanis morisette

Maternity Swimwear Celebrity Edition: Selma Blair: Do these photos of very much pregnant Selma Blair frolicking in the beach with her boyfriend Jason Bleick remind you of Alanis Morrisette above?

maternity swimwear selma blair

pregnancy swimsuit selma blair

Like we said in the past, pregnancy shouldn’t discourage us girls from looking good in our swimsuits, no?

Maternity Swimwear: Celebrity Edition Stylish Pregnancy Swimsuit posted 13 July 2010. Updated 22 March 2017.