Mason Mount Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Awards

Mason Mount Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Awards. Does Mason Mount have the best name in all of football (or soccer as Americans call it)? We sure think he does! If you can think of a better sounding footballer’s name, then to send it to us. Oh, it must be a bit naughty in the wink-wink, nudge-nudge suggestive kind of way too. Haha.

mason mount chelsea player of the season

mason mount awards in football

Anyhoo, our Mason not only have a great name, he is a great football player too. He’s been named two times (in 2021 and 2022) as Chelsea Player of the Year, was named to the UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season for 2020-2021, and was hailed as the Premier League Academy Graduate of the Year (2020–21). However, probably the greatest achievement for the 23-year-old footballer to date is being named to the English squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There’s no greater accomplishment than to represent one’s country in against the best of the best international players, no?

mason mount world cup with scorer Jude Bellingham

Mason Mount Sponsors. The footballer has sponsorship deals with Nike and is a brand ambassador for Combat Gaming. Here’s what he said when he signed up with the organization in 2021: “Becoming an official brand ambassador with Combat Gaming means I get to take on the world’s biggest celebrities and gamers in various tournaments throughout the year! I’m excited to work with some cool creators and get involved in a new content series showcasing my passion for the world of online gaming.”

mason mount sponsors - nike

Mason Mount Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight and once was in a relationship with Chloe Wealleans-Watts who is a member of the British girl band 303. Apparently, the two started seeing each other but have since called it quits. Anyhoo, here are photos of Mason and Chloe from when they were still together.

mason mount Chloe Wealleans-Watts - ex girlfriend

Mason Mount Shirtless and Underwear Photos. You didn’t think we’ve forgotten to include some shirtless pics, didn’t you? We grabbed some of these from his Insta which you might want to follow @masonmount.

mason mount body when he was younger

mason mount shirtless abs - underwear peekabo

mason mount underwear my little pony

mason mount gay or straight - best friend declan rice

Of course we saved the best, aka our favorite photo of Mason Mount, for last. Haha. By the way, the other guy in the pic above is his best friend Declan Rice who’s currently plays for West Ham United and who also made it to the England national team to the World Cup.

mason mount shirtless english footballer

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