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Mason Gooding Shirtless, Girlfriend, Parents. Oh boy, you know you are getting older when you find out that a new actor you’ve just seen in a TV show is the son of another actor you admired growing up. While watching Love Victor, we were like, “Hmmm, that Andrew guy is cute. We are so glad they did not make him a villain.”

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Then Deena, who was watching the show with us, went like, “Did you know that he is the son of Cuba Gooding?”

mason gooding shirtless love victor

And we were like, “What???? Mr. Show Me The Money has an adult son now? When? How?” And just like that, our universe collapsed as we realized that we are now in our 40s and that Cuba Gooding is old enough to be a grandfather.” Funny how we always remember Cuba as that football star in Jerry Maguire!

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Anyhoo, as we were saying, Mason is one of the stars of the critically acclaimed Hulu drama series Love, Victor. This is not actually his first acting gig but it is one that has made people notice because of the character he plays who starts out as your typical sports jock but who eventually grows as a sympathetic person.

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In an interview with the actor has this to say about the character he plays, Andrew Spencer: “Andrew, to me, exemplifies the positive side of introspective development, seeing the aspects about yourself that need to change, coming to terms with them, and then working to overcome them for the betterment of your own well-being, as well as the well-being of those around you; a lot of times in media, ‘popular’ characters are portrayed as entirely arrogant, void of any sort of empathy or understanding of their actions as they relate to other people, bordering on sociopathy. However, I was very keen on furthering the conversation of what it truly means to take accountability for one’s own actions and Andrew, over the course of the season, seemed to embody this idea that people can grow and change for the better if given enough time and understanding on how to do so.”

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Mason Gooding Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight and is dating the girl below. Nah, actually we are joking. Well, we think he is straight, but the girl is actually Isabela Merced who was his co-star in the 2019 Christmas movie Let It Snow. Anyhoo, since we do not know Mason’s relationship status at the moment, we will update this post ASAP once we do have the information.

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Mason Gooding is a Biracial Hunk. We know, of course, that Cuba is black. Mason’s mom Sara Kapfe, on the other hand, is of German descent. Here are some shirtless photos of our hunky actor which we grabbed from his Insta (follow him @masonthegooding).

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mason gooding shirtless body

mason gooding shirtless

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