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Mark Salling Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Shirt and Jeans Fashion Style. Now we know what type of underwear our Mark prefers. In an interview with, he was asked whether he prefers boxers or briefs. His answer: “Boxer briefs, baby”. So that one’s settled. In real life, Mark prefers boxer briefs.

However, his Glee character appears to like low-cut briefs. Check out these screengrabs from a recent episode of the TV show.

mark salling underwear glee

Mark and some of his fellow underwear-clad Gleemates.

mark salling underwear boxers or briefs

Now, those of you who are wondering about the brand of underwear our Mark prefers will be interested to know that he likes Fruit of the Loom.

mark salling underwear waistband

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Mark Salling Shirtless and Ripped Jeans. Want more men in ripped jeans? We bring you Mark Salling, our new tv-celebrity boyfriend. Hehe. Seems like we change our imaginary celeb boyfriend everyday, no? Okay, we will not ditch Mark and he will be our TV-boyfriend forever if he poses for an underwear photoshoot.

mark salling shirtless

Like, you know, David Beckham and other male celebrity models. We’ve been scouring the internets to see whether Mark is a briefs or a boxers guy but, unfortunately, we can’t find any photo of him in his undies. But you can find shirtless photos of our new TV-boyfriend after the jump.

Anyhoo, why do we like our Mark, you ask? Huh! A ripped guy who’s into ripped jeans, what’s not to like? More Mark Salling shirtless photos below.

mark salling shirtless body

Mark Salling’s Tight Shirt and Jeans. You’ve seen his ripped abs and waxed chest, now here’s our newest TV boyfriend looking great in his tight brown shirt and slightly faded blue jeans. Ain’t our boy gorgeous? You’re forgiven if you, like us, dream of ripping them clothes.

mark salling fashion style

Mark Salling jeans and shirt

Our Mark goes for the classic white shirt and blue jeans in this next photo. Kinda reminds us of Keanu Reeves.


Mark Salling Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Shirt and Jeans Fashion Style. Posted 3 April 2011.