Mark Ronson Shirtless, Gay, and Fab Fashion Style

Mark Ronson Shirtless Photos. This post is for Famewatchers looking for Mark Ronson shirtless pics. You know who you are. Thank us in the comment section. You’d think a metrosexual and fashion conscious dude like Mark would shave his body hair but maybe he ain’t as metro as David Beckham.

mark ronson shirtless chest hair

Now, that’s all the Mark Ronson shirtless pic we can give you. But you might want to check out his singing partner’s shirtless pics: Bruno Mars Shirtless.

For several years, QG Magazine UK named Mark in their list of 50 Best Dressed Men in Britain. He sure knows how to rock a long coat.

mark ronson long coat

Here’s what GQ-UK and designer Richard Nicoll said about Mark’s fashion style in 2014:

Designer Richard Nicoll: Mark Ronson always looks playful but elegant and isn’t afraid to experiment with his look from formal to casual. He’s actually a creative dresser, which is rare.

GQ says: There’s no doubt that one of the multi-talented musician and DJ’s finest productions is his own wardrobe. He even remembers to leave his bottom button undone.

Mark, once again, made it to the magazine’s best dressed list in 2015. And here’s what they said about him:

Model Oliver Cheshire: I love the old-school but modern way he dresses. He always looks sleek, but still maintains that ‘just thrown on’ feel that defines cool. As an artist, he takes his style to extremes and he does it effortlessly.

GQ says: At the most fabulous parties in London, the DJ has his own spin on fashion.

mark ronson suit and tie

We agree with the guy above who said that Mark somehow manages to be both old school and modern. For instance, his haircut in this PETA ad is very old school but he makes it work

mark ronson peta

Mark Ronson Gay or Straight. If you think he is gay, you are wrong. But you’d not be the first to think that. In fact, back in 2008, singer Lilly Allen admitted that she thought Mark is gay:

“I met Mark at a club night in London,” says Lily Allen. “I thought he was cute, but assumed he was gay. I remember being shocked when I was introduced to his girlfriend at the time.”

We don’t know who his girlfriend was at that time but nowadays, Mark is very much married to French singer, actress, and model Josephine de la Baume. Here’s the happy couple:

mark ronson wife Josephine de la Baume