Mark Harmon Shirtless and Speedo Photos

Mark Harmon Speedo Update. You think we’re done making updates on this post? Nah, we’re most definitely not! We will make updates so long as we continue to find gems like the photos below where our young Mark competed in a beauty pageant. Apparently, after he was named as the S*xiest Man Alive by People Magazine, he and his comedy buddies on Saturday Night Live did a skit where he wins a beauty pageant. Here are some pics from the episode:

mark harmon young 1986 with jon lovitz - 1986

For those wondering, F. Murray Abraham is actually Jon Lovitz.

mark harmon speedo suit - 1986

Mark Harmon: S*xiest Man Alive – People Magazine (23 August 2011): Hey fellow Famewatchers, did you know that our silver-haired daddy was named by People Magazine as the S*xiest Man Alive back in 1986? We think it’s an inspired choice.

mark harmon young 1986 people magazine

More Young Mark Harmon Shirtless Gorgeousness. If you didn’t say “Awwshucks” when you first saw the next photo below, it means you’re dead inside. Haha. Damn, how cute is he? He really is that guy you’d like to bring home to mama. This is true even though he’s much older now than the pic below.

mark harmon young

Mark is a hairy yummy. Who knew he was such a hot male model? Ever heard of that Supershape thing he’s holding? Is it a cologne, perfume, liquid soap, or what?

mark harmon shirtless hairy chest

Did we say he’s a hairy yummy? We don’t even know if that means anything but we’d like to say it again. Mark is a hairy yummy, hairy yummy, hairy yummy. Yum.

mark harmon shirtless

Mark Harmon Leather Jackets: The NCIS star sure loves to wear leather jackets whether on or off the show, doesn’t he? Because of this we decided to give you a Mark Harmon leather jacket collection. Check ’em out. Once you go black (leather), you’ll never go back.

mark harmon ncis leather jacket

Unless of course you also like brown leather coats which are pretty cool too.

mark harmon shiny leather

Who is Mark calling? He’s calling us, of course! Are you jealous?

mark harmon leather jacket

Hey, did you know that our Mark also did a photo-shoot for Playgirl Magazine? In fact he’s a coverboy for the gay mag. Unfortunately for his LGBT fans, he didn’t do more revealing photos.

mark harmon playgirl model

Mark is America’s Favorite Personality: Hah, here’s another “did you know” question. Did you know that our Mark is America’s favorite personality? Yes he is. The New York Post says so in this report from January 2011:

He’s 59. Never walks red carpets. Hardly ever gives interviews. Sure, he was People magazine’s “S*xiest Man Alive” — but 24 years ago. Yet Mark Harmon was just voted America’s favorite television personality.

Harmon, who currently stars as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the CBS procedural “NCIS” — which last week pulled in an astounding 22 million viewers, its largest audience ever — outranks such superstars as Oprah Winfrey (No. 2), Conan O’Brien (No. 4) and Charlie Sheen (No. 5) in a Harris poll.

It’s a huge leap for the seemingly ageless Harmon, who ranked No. 8 last year — and wasn’t even on the list for the two decades before that.

“To trot out the classic quip, he represents who other men want to be and who women want to be with,” said Matt Mitovich, editor-at-large of “Throughout so many of his roles, Mark has been an almost iconic representation of a salt-of-the-earth, upstanding guy.”

Congratulations Mr. Harmon. We’re happy to know that other guys and gals are also loving you.

Mark Harmon is a Hot Silverfox (27 May 2010). Let’s have a “then and now” post on actor Mark Harmon, shall we? We first saw him being interviewed by our favorite TV host, Craig Ferguson, and went “Who’s that hot silverfox?” We found out that the guy is Mark Harmon and he’s starring in a CBS show called NCIS. We gotta admit here that we don’t watch procedurals.

Anyhoo, it turns out that during his younger days, our Mark wore briefs-style Speedo swimsuit at a show called Battle of the Network Stars. Yay!

mark harmon speedo battle of network stars

mark harmon young

mark harmon speedo swimsuit young hunk

mark harmon shirtless

What can we say, the guy’s a hottie then and he’s still a hottie now. This is true whether our Mark is wearing a suit.

mark harmon sexy in suit

Or whether he’s wearing his seemingly ubiquitous leather jacket.

mark harmon leather jacket

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