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Mark Dacascos Shirtless, Young, Ethnicity. Anyone of you who just discovered Iron Chef thanks the Netflix revival of the show? We gotta admit we are enjoying it — we are on the third episode so far — and that’s thanks in large part to the antics of The Chairman who is portrayed by Mark Dacascos. Thanks to this show, we learned about Mr. Dacascos and, boy, we should give him props for being a Hollywood trailblazer. Specifically, he was headlining movies and TV shows back at a time when not a lot of substantial roles are being given to part-Asian actors like him.

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Per IMDB, the multi-racial actor (he has Filipino, Japanese, and European background) played lead roles in 1990 movies like Only the Strong, Crying Freeman, Brotherhood of the Wolf, and Sabotage. More recently, he made guest appearances in Chicago Fire, Agents of SHIELD, Wu Assasins, and was the antagonist in the box office hit movie John Wick 3. Oh, he also produced and directed a movie called Showdown in Manila which was released in 2015. And as mentioned, he is one of the main characters on the reality-TV show Iron Chef.

Young Mark Dakaskos Shirtless Photos. Here are some photos of our multi-racial hunk from back in the day. This photo of the actor from when he was younger kinda reminds us of Henry Golding of Crazy Rich Asians.

mark dacascos young and shirtless

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mark dacascos shirtless

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Those of you who are looking for photos of the actor in his underoos will be happy to find out that he wore a jockstrap underwear in this scene from Crying Freeman.

mark dacascos celebrities wearing jockstrap underwear

mark dacascos underwear - jockstrap in crying freeman2

mark dacascos underwear - jockstrap in crying freeman

Mark Dacascos Gay or Straight? He is straight and married to wife Julie Condra who was his co-star in Crying Freeman. Here’s a photo from when they got married in 1998. The couple are now the proud parents of three children — two boys and one girl.

mark dacascos wife wedding - julie

Mark Dacascos as a Zaddy. At 58 years old, Mark is a certified zaddy who sure can give those youngins a run for their modeling money.

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