Mark A. Kolars, Visual Effects Designer, Racist of the Day

Mark A. Kolars, Visual Effects Designer, Racist of the Day. Our racist of the the day award goes to visual effects designer Mark Kolars who was recently fired from his job at the Chinese Academy of Sciences after it was revealed that he’s been posting derogatory comments against Chinese people. What exactly did he say and how racist is it in a scale of one to ten? We give it a ten, it’s really up there. He is way more racist than wannabe director Jordana Stott.

mark a kolars visual effects designer

Here’s what he’s been posting on social media:

mark a kolars visual effects designer son comments

He describes his son (who is part-Chinese via his mom) as “a mix of European Caucasian and Asien [sic] Chinese blood” and then goes on to shit on China by comparing it unfavorably to Europe: “Europe as bench mark which China will never reach. Not smart enough. Inbreeding for too long. Nature strives for genetic variances.”

This guy clearly doesn’t know his history. If he does, he only focuses on that short segment of time where Europe began to outpace the rest of the world. Before that, and for a very long time, the Chinese were inventing things that people never imagined. So for Kolars to look down on them is just stupid.

mark a kolars visual effects designer racist

His comment about Chinese people “destroying relics wherever they visit” must be referring to the occasional news reports about Chinese tourists doing stupid stuff while visiting abroad. But you know who really destroyed relics (and more) wherever they visit? Mark A. Kolars’ ancestors who colonized other parts of the world, that’s who. And the destruction they did was systematic and intentional and not due to ignorance or cluelessness.

mark a kolars visual effects designer racist comments

You know how we know that Mark A. Kolars is a Grade A racist? Well, when he wrote this comment: “How many Nobel prices from China, wait let me see, 8 since 1957…hmmm…”

Comparing Nobel prizes that white/European people received with those given to people of other background is a favorite past time of racists like Mark A. Kolars. A few years ago, when email was still the main form of communication, our racist uncle forwarded us an email chain which purportedly compares the number of Nobel prize winners who are white and those who are Muslims. Racists, of course, do not know that white people can be Muslims and vice versa but he refused to acknowledge this simple fact. We did shut him up when we pointed out that a lot of the white people on the list are mostly of Jewish background which he and his racist ilk also love to hate and denigrate.

Anyhoo, back to our racist of the day, Mark A. Kolars was fired from his job after his bosses learned about his social media comments. The South China Morning Post also reports that his work permit has been cancelled and that he has been ordered to leave China. We’d wish him good luck but we’re sure that the genes he brags about and which he presents as some sort of a badge of honor will land him in good standing elsewhere.