Mario Lopez Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, or Lingerie for Men

BLAST FROM THE PAST. The following photos and accompanying comments were originally published in 2009.

Mario Lopez Underwear Photos: Here’s Mario in his boxer shorts by Calvin Klein. There are one of those photos that make you go, “Hmmmmm!”


Here’s Mario wearing nothing but his tight boxer shorts.

mario lopez boxer shorts

And here’s Man in the World wearing what looks like a diaper. An adult man wearing diapers? Well, maybe he’s still a baby? What, it’s called a loincloth? Well, if you say so!


Why is Mario walking around town in nothing but briefs underwear? Did he just get out of a tanning place? He looks so fabulously tanned.

mario lopez briefs underwear

Men With Washboard Abs: Mario Lopez
12 September 2008

Mario Lopez certainly needs no padded underwear in order to rival Kim Kardashian in the “behind” department. Check out this scene from Nip/Tuck where our Mario shows off his well-formed behind. The magic starts at the 43 second mark. Mario, or his character, is kinda bitchy here, no?

Anyhoo, you gotta give credit for the guy for being in great shape with them washboard abs and all.

Mario Lopez Underwear: Women’s Lingerie or Lingerie for Men
29 December 2008


Today in men wearing women’s clothes, we bring you Latino muscle hunk Mario Lopez during his recent appearance in the TV show Nip/Tuck. Is Mario awesome? Or is he ewwsome?



That’s it for now MarioLopezWatchers!